Saturday, December 17, 2011

MC Fiction Review: "Jack and Diane" series by Jukebox

Jukebox. The name is well-known to most of us active in the MC community. His list of stories at the EMCSA is impressive, to say the least. To top it all off, each one is well-written, thoughtful, and scorching hot. Today I'd like to give a nod to a "series" of stories he's written. I put "series" in quotes because it's not an official series. I've never seen Jukebox himself refer to it as such. Each story can be read as a stand-alone, but they feature the same two protagonists: Jack and Diane.

Jack and Diane are a couple in their mid-somethings in a happy and loving hypno-kink relationship. What I really love about this series is that these characters are very real and approachable, and the kind of lifestyle and relationship they have is something I and other hypno-enthusiasts long for. In most cases when I'm looking for porn, the story and characters matter little to me compared to the actual dirty stuff. But Jukebox enthralled me here and I was surprised at myself for getting so attached to these two. Reading any of these stories doesn't just turn me on -- it gives my mood a nice little lift to see these guys in action again.

As far as I know, these four stories are the only ones featuring Jack and Diane. I've read most if not all of Jukebox's stories on the EMCSA, and I don't remember any others. They can be read in essentially any order, but "Hot Blooded" should come after "Freeze-Frame".

Monday, December 12, 2011

"Heather and Taylor Induction" Video

So, on this blog I post things that turn me on. A week or so ago I found this little gem. SFW preview of an actual porn video. While I haven't bought any of this guy's stuff, I have a very high opinion of what I've seen, as the hypnosis looks legit, and it's clearly made for those of us who get off on the induction / deepener as much as the sexual things that happen while the ladies are under.


One of my first hypnosis stories. Unashamed hypnoporn, just a drawn-out, detailed induction without sex. Some triggers based on real-life triggers. (For clarity, hand down over the face induces trance; various other words and triggers are self-explanatory.)

Warnings / kinks: hypnosis, D/s, md, mild mf