Monday, December 12, 2011


One of my first hypnosis stories. Unashamed hypnoporn, just a drawn-out, detailed induction without sex. Some triggers based on real-life triggers. (For clarity, hand down over the face induces trance; various other words and triggers are self-explanatory.)

Warnings / kinks: hypnosis, D/s, md, mild mf

All of a sudden, his hands were firmly but sensitively holding her head; the right over her eyes and the left cupped just on her hairline. She took a sharp breath, mind reeling, eyes rolling up to her slightly drooping eyelids. The muscles in her body fell slack as she faced that exquisite twilight between wakefulness and trance.

He rocked her head side-to-side a bit, giving her gentle little strokes downwards, never fully over her face. Her next breath came out as a high keen. She let her head loll into his hands, quickly becoming too weak to support it, and struggled hard to keep the fluttering slits of her eyes open.

Blank,” he said, bringing his hand all the way down her face, and although it was abrupt his voice was smooth and confident. Her entire body fell limp and her eyes slid shut. “That’s right, just go totally blank for me now, deeply, deeply hypnotized; very good...” Her eyes were completely still behind her closed eyelids, her mouth parted slightly and jaw slack.

“Deeper and deeper and deeper,” he said, “fall even deeper, go even more blank, focused completely on my voice. You have no thoughts, you are so empty and it feels so good to just keep falling deeper... and deeper...

“Your mind is so soft and blank,” he crooned urgently, “So easy for me to do with as I please... tease, play with, fuck with, blank, blank, BLANK.” He snapped in front of her face and she was gone.

Goooooood girl,” he said, a smile in his voice, “and it feels so good to be this empty... this mindless... not a single thought inside of that blank, sleeping mind because every time your mind tries to think, all that comes to your head is how blank you are, and you’re helpless again to resist just how good it feels... and you fall even deeper, your mind sinking quickly into oblivion.”

Her breaths, still deep and slow, became heavier, labored, her chest rising and falling profoundly. As unmoving and limp as she was, her pussy was aching in such a way that it almost caused her pain. The feeling engulfed her consciousness, with no thoughts in her head to distract her from it.

“That’s right, just fall even deeper now,” he instructed, “much, much deeper. Every inhale, every exhale, every word I say drags you further down into that mindless pleasure as it overloads your deeply hypnotized mind...”

Still supporting the back of her head, he laid her unresisting form down gently on the couch. If she knew she was being moved, she gave no response.

So deeply asleep,” he whispered into her ear, kneeling beside her. “Your mind so pliant, your vacant husk of a body feeling nothing but the bliss of being so completely empty... That feeling intensifying, growing more and more as you sink down... Very good...”

He looked over her listless body, eyes lingering on her heaving chest. Her breaths were becoming audible, and he could clearly see her eyes rolled up into her skull even through those closed, fluttering eyelids. He pulled out his pocket watch and placed it carefully so that it lay right next to her ear.

“Every... single... tick...” He spoke slowly and deliberately. “Every tick lets you fall deeper... Each one bringing you that much further down, each one flooding your mind with pleasure, each one making you that much more BLANK. Sleep.” SNAP.

She was so far gone that her eyes barely even twitched when he gave the command. He smiled, satisfied. Reaching into his pocket and retrieving his phone, he set an alarm for 20 minutes and walked into his bedroom to take a quick little nap.

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