Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Weekend (9/28 - 9/29)

Only 3 months late! *cough* So... this is long. Almost Hypnoclub-long. And similarly eventful. Sorry I glance over a few parts here and there, but I needed to get this out. HERE WE GO.


I can’t tell you how happy I was to be lying face-down, shirtless, on AmHypnotic’s floor while MentalConfetti, also shirtless, drew on my back and Dragonball Z Abridged played on the TV through an VGA cable.

So, how was your Friday night?

MentalConfetti, a while ago, once threw out the idea of a sleepover at AmHypnotic’s place to me. I agreed heartily, hypothetically. But I didn’t really think it would come to fruition... at least, perhaps not so soon.

A month before this begins, I checked the calendar to our local BDSM dungeon to see if there would be any photo days, as pictures are not allowed normally in the space, and I do enjoy having photos for myself. When I saw that there would be one in the semi-near future, I mentioned it to MentalConfetti to see if she and AmHypnotic might want to go. Later, she said that they could both make it, and I was quite pleased with our plans.

And then, maybe a day later, she asks if I might want to sleep over AmHypnotic’s apartment the night prior.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

This is the greatest gif EVER

Working on things, yes, but one often gets distracted by... things... such as this gif. I haven't posted stuff I've been looking at online recently, let's do that. (And sorry for just spamming posts... Oh well!)


Monday, November 26, 2012

Usually... (Short)

I'm making tons of progress on longer posts, but I had had had to post this.

Usually, my orgasms don’t last that long, even when hypnotically triggered or enhanced. Longer than normal, certainly, but not as long as I’ve seen other girls go for. It’s almost always a peak-and-done affair.


AmHypnotic started teasing me quite seriously after I had gotten home from visiting family for an extended break that involved zero orgasms. Quite a bit longer than I’m used to, actually. My brain was rather forthcoming with that information when I was told to tell him something he needed to know.

Well, maybe that’s an understatement. My brain also decided that it was necessary to relay said information using LOTS OF CAPS.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Second Dungeon Visit feat. A Recap, an Explanation, and an Apology



Basically in the last 3 months... tons stuff at the dungeon has happened, it has all been lots of fun. I was going to tell you in excruciating detail, and then work / life / stress happened, and I couldn't.  I'm being commanded to not stress about it, so I'm being a good obedient girl.

I apologize to my readers who wanted to see fully fleshed-out posts for all three of these, but the length of time that’s gone by makes it really difficult to get certain details on paper, and it’s preventing me from working on any current material.

That being said and out of the way, I still have 10+ pages of unfinishedish material on these three events I was going to write about. And I really do want to post some sort of summary or update on what the heck I've been getting up to. So this post will hopefully serve as a recap and summary of sorts of the first event, chronologically, with bits of the original posts put in. This post in particular was already almost finished... so it will probably be the closest to a fully-fledged narrative.

So, let’s begin where we left off... With MentalConfetti and AmHypnotic, at the mall and shopping for an outfit before an event, later that night, at the dungeon.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So I Wrote this Thing...

Because this is what I do when I’m horny, instead of being productive and working on actual blog posts. Some original... fictional... content?? This is blasphemy! ...Yyyyeah, OK, I wrote this to get myself off. This isn’t good fiction. This is just masturbatory stream-of-consciousness, took me less than an hour to write. Figured I'd share anyways!


In retrospect, maybe going to the bar alone was a mistake.

These are the dazed thoughts that floated into her mind as she sat, passively, blindfolded, in the backseat of a vehicle she had never seen. Bizarrely, she felt no fright, just... curiosity. And dim frustration at the fact that she wasn’t feeling panic.

Weakly, she tested to see if she could move her arms. But as much as she thought about trying to move them, it was like her limbs weren’t responding to her, filled with a pleasantly tingly fuzz, and happy to stay that way. She stopped trying and sighed at that sensation as it filled her, for a moment.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Second Dungeon Visit: Prologue, feat. AmHypnotic, MentalConfetti, and... Confusing Sexuality

After my first visit to our local BDSM dungeon with AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti (and a special appearance by SpringofHope), I knew that I’d want to go again. So I made plans to go to the next month’s potluck night, 9/8/12, and found myself bouncing off the walls in joy. MentalConfetti and I had talked extensively about possibly meeting earlier to go to the mall nearby for an outfit or two, and then exploring the “adult novelties” shop as well for funsies.

However, this post needs a bit of a prologue in the form of a snippet or two and an anecdote.

Perhaps a week or so before we were going to the dungeon, MentalConfetti was visiting AmHypnotic, and the three of us were voice chatting. MentalConfetti, as per usual, was “vroom vrooming” to throw me under the bus (read: get AmHypnotic to be “mean” to me), and he certainly took that chance. There was some lovely hypnotic fun that went on, and then, at the end...


I can feel the pleasure intensifying, growing stronger as I shake and moan and hear him speak. He’s upping all of the sensations with his voice, and I’m lost to it, waves and waves wracking my body.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My First Time at a Dungeon, feat. AmHypnotic and SpringofHope, or, Happy Birthday to Me feat. Hypnosis and Rope

Fondly known, sometimes, by my friends and I as “that time I went to a BDSM dungeon”.

August 5th was my 21st birthday, and for a while now I have been planning on going to the dungeon near me, where you need to be 21 or older to get in. AmHypnotic approved of this plan and told me he (and MentalConfetti) would be there on the 11th. I marked the date down in my calendar, and waited.

And before I knew it, I was on the highway to get there, bursting with excitement and singing along merrily and obnoxiously to my “I’m driving” playlist.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Erotic Hypnosis 102 with AmHypnotic: Induction Workshop; or, Kitty!

This post doesn’t even have a legitimate reason to exist. (Slight update: well, except for AmHypnotic poking me about it, now... [Slightly updated update: and now a deadline...]) Honestly, it’s more for my own memories of fun rather than a super sexy scorching-hot piece. This being said, I don’t know how porny this will turn out, in the end. (Slight update: eh, ok, kinda almost pornyish.) Also, this was never meant to be this stupidly long. I apologize.

May 20th was AmHypnotic’s 101 class that I went to, and July 22nd was what I’d call his “102” class – an informal demonstration / workshop on inductions. Between then and now was hypnoclub and a whole lot of online play / chat / etc. The nerves I felt going into the private play space from last time were gone by today and replaced with just excitement and happiness at seeing some people I had quite missed interacting with in person.

Ads can be interesting sometimes...

I have horrible, awful, terrible thoughts that I really don't wish to share about this product that appeared in an ad I saw the other day.

Aurora Lights Blindfold Goggles


We will return to our regularly scheduled programming shortly. As in, new post later tonight.

(...Yup, pun intended.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Barbeque; or, the Story of Bacon, Rope, and Hypnosis: 5/26

(In terms of chronology, for the lazy, this post comes after AmHypnotic's 101 class and before hypnoclub.)

In the span of one week, I had completely popped / exploded my meet-kinksters-IRL cherry. May 20th was the wonderful erotic hypnosis 101 event held by AmHypnotic, and just 6 days later I planned to go to Boston and finally meet a couple people from the kink / hypno scene there. I had made fast friends with oneEyedstranger in chat, and, hearing that I was going to be in the area, he promptly decided to hold a casual barbeque / potluck movie night at his place. The lovely mephki also planned to be in attendance, and due to the extremely short time period in which this gathering was planned, we were correct in assuming that it was probably going to be just us three.

I was incorrect, however, in assuming that there would be no play.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Wonders of Rapport and Thoughts on Trance Medium; or, Text Fun with AmHypnotic

Yes, yes, go ahead and gloat at the existence of this post; you know who you are, and the rest of the readers probably know too.

I am no stranger to the idea of text trances. But, until semi-recently, I never thought they would be terribly effective with me. I think this is because I never saw how they could be very effective without the feedback (from both the subject and ‘tist) that voice / video / real life can offer. How can the subject hear the proper inflection in the hypnotist’s voice? How can the ‘tist properly read the subject’s responses through such a limited medium? These questions and ideas prevented me from wanting to use text to trance very much at all. That voice, in the back of my mind the whole time, saying “what if?” or “can they even tell xyz?” or “how can I offer enough feedback to make this work?”

These aren’t really problems when one has tranced face-to-face with someone before, and especially when there is a fantastic amount of rapport involved between the ‘tist and subject. So much so that the subject can figuratively or literally hear the hypnotist’s voice in the text, and the ‘tist can practically see the subject’s physical response without even needing more than a few pixels on a screen.

AmHypnotic and I, unsurprisingly, have rapport like that.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Playtime with Spiral Turquoise

Spiral Turquoise was essentially the first person to really get me into the online hypno-scene, almost two months ago now. Reading his blog and having him chat with me really opened up my interest with getting involved with everything. He's an all-around awesome person and I have a lot to thank him for.

After a bit of chat I mentioned that I had wanted to start thinking about possibly finding a trance partner on the internet, and I asked if he had any advice on how to go about it. He gave me some tips and then said, "and you can always ask me!" I mentally filed that away, until later, in a chatroom he mentioned that I should visit, when I saw him and heard him on the mic, saying something about his sexy, seductive hypnotist voice, in what I assumed to be said sexy, seductive hypnotist voice. I think that's when I said to him, "Alright. I'm officially asking for a trance now."

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hypnoclub 6/9


My life has been... interesting, lately. In my last post I talked about going to meet AmHypnotic for the first time, in person, for his 101 meetup. Since then, my involvement with the kink- and hypno-community has only become more pronounced. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a friend of mine from chat, oneEyedstranger, and mephki. (That particular gathering will have its own post shortly, as well, as it was quite the experience.) After that, I took it upon myself to go to one of the hypnoclub meetings that mephki holds. And go figure... AmHypnotic was going to be there. We agreed beforehand that we would get to play there, and this time, in person.

This blog post, a recap and “homework assignment” from AmHypnotic himself, is going to be separated into a few different sections, and while they all flow together, I personally find it useful to compartmentalize things like this, because that’s how I think of them. It's long, I know. It's porny at parts, funny at parts, downright silly at parts. It's kind of a freaking novel, at 12 pages long. And now, without further ado...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Erotic Hypnosis 101 with AmHypnotic

Well, a lot’s been happening in my kink life recently because of my involvement in the online hypno-community. Long story short, I have two awesome online trance partners now, both whom are quick to remind me that they are eager for their own respective blog posts about our numerous play sessions. Needless to say, they are forthcoming! But I really just can’t let this day go without a post of its own, especially while it’s fresh in my mind. It should probably also be noted at this point that both of aforementioned people have... well... encouraged me to post this in such a short timeframe, separately, and in their own ways.

I also feel the need to mention that this blog is highly subjective in nature, especially about the things that interest, arouse, and involve me... which is why my perhaps 5 or 10 minute experience takes up a third of my writing of the whole 5-hour event. Oops :3

Friday, April 27, 2012

Trying a Rapid Induction for the First Time

I just wanted to share the lovely experience I had about a week ago doing my first rapid induction – and on a subject who’d never been hypnotized! I know this is something that a lot of you fairly frequently, but it was very exciting for me to succeed the first time :)

I’m going to start by saying that it’s been about 2 or 3 months since I’ve hypnotized anyone, and maybe only the 4th person I’ve put under, but as per usual I’ve been studying up. When a friend of mine expressed that she was stressed out, I gathered my courage and asked if she would like to try hypnosis to relax.

(Long post under the cut!)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My First Time

While cleaning out my hard drive, I came across this little gem that I wrote after hypnotizing my then girlfriend for the very first time. It was my first time putting anyone under, ever, and it was my first experience with hypnosis IRL period. This piece is now around 2 years old.

(hypnosis, D/s, mild humiliation, fd, ff)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Doorways = "Event Erasers"?

Alright, I know I've been posting with far too much enthusiasm in the past couple of days, but I read a very interesting article on the web today that I just had to share.

"Study: Walking through a doorway wipes out memory"

The article in summation essentially gives an explanation of the phenomenon of going to get something from another room and then thinking to oneself, "Why did I come in here again?" Turns out the act of going through a door (and more interestingly, thinking oneself is going through a door) sends a signal to your brain that you are in a new environment and to concentrate more on that one than the previous one. Memories of the previous environment are often eschewed. Hence the delightful term "event eraser."

My first immediate thought was obviously the applications for hypnosis. I know the visualization of "walking through a doorway" is somewhat common, but consider if one were to take full advantage of the whole "event eraser" idea. An in-depth visualization of going through a doorway could be perfect for situations requiring different kinds of amnesia, alternate personalities, and all sorts of things. Suggestions of amnesia could be minimized or perhaps even left out, while the subject is left to concentrate on the idea of walking through a door, and, hopefully, their brain will take that as a cue.

Why the fascination with eliciting amnesia? To be plain and simple, it's a tough thing for me to achieve as a subject, and I'm always looking for more effective ways to try to get myself (and others with similar minds) to experience this phenomenon. Anyways, thought it'd be an interesting idea :)

(Oh my gosh, did I just post a blog entry without anything dirty in it?? Shame on me!)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Short Fantasy & Thoughts

A short scene from a fantasy I have that I had the urge to jot down. I am a hypnotist at a small get-together, and friends think that I should show off my skills. I pick a girl (named Molly here) who I had observed was bubbly, intelligent, and had a beautifully intense imagination.
(PG rated; hypnosis, ff)