Monday, April 9, 2012

Short Fantasy & Thoughts

A short scene from a fantasy I have that I had the urge to jot down. I am a hypnotist at a small get-together, and friends think that I should show off my skills. I pick a girl (named Molly here) who I had observed was bubbly, intelligent, and had a beautifully intense imagination.
(PG rated; hypnosis, ff)

"Have you ever been hypnotized before?" I asked cheerfully.
"Nope," she replied, a gentle smile playing on her lips.
"Wonderful," I said, returning it. "Mind if we begin?"
Molly blinked as I knew her mind processed the idea that this was happeningright now. "Oh, sure. Um. What do I do?"
I gestured to the couch. "It's very simple, just sit down for a moment." She sat. "Good! Alright, now I'd like you to take a few slow, deep breaths..."
As she attempted to slow her breathing, I saw Molly grin widely but try to suppress it, and then she burst into what I could tell was at least partially nervous laughter. In between giggles, she managed to squeak out, “I’m sorry! It just feels kind of silly!”
I only grinned along with her and chuckled once or twice for good measure. And then I spoke, keeping my voice light and pleasant.
“You’re doing perfectly! Now you can notice that each time you laugh, it makes you feel so much more relaxed...”
She looked at me, still laughing, but confusion flashed across her eyes and I saw her shoulders droop slightly and heard her giggles stall and slow a bit.
I gave her all of two seconds to feel the hypnosis working on her, just enough to shift her perception of our rapport and exchange, and then in one smooth motion I grasped her right hand in mine, looked straight into her eyes, hardened my face, and said, “Molly.”
“Look into my eyes, Molly.”
She had immediately ceased her laughter, her eyes were intent on mine, and her face was relaxed. I had her. I gave her the most intense, hypnotic stare that I had, saw her eyelids begin a tiny flutter, and then pulled gently on her hand, and said with a commanding tone, “Sleep.”
Sometimes I very much enjoy the idea of skillfully guiding someone into hypnosis for their first time, observing and utilizing all of their trance and non-trance behavior. I like the idea of surprising a person with just how powerful their mind can be -- especially with my help. I will write a few more fragments of this particular fantasy if the desire strikes me.

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