Monday, May 21, 2012

Erotic Hypnosis 101 with AmHypnotic

Well, a lot’s been happening in my kink life recently because of my involvement in the online hypno-community. Long story short, I have two awesome online trance partners now, both whom are quick to remind me that they are eager for their own respective blog posts about our numerous play sessions. Needless to say, they are forthcoming! But I really just can’t let this day go without a post of its own, especially while it’s fresh in my mind. It should probably also be noted at this point that both of aforementioned people have... well... encouraged me to post this in such a short timeframe, separately, and in their own ways.

I also feel the need to mention that this blog is highly subjective in nature, especially about the things that interest, arouse, and involve me... which is why my perhaps 5 or 10 minute experience takes up a third of my writing of the whole 5-hour event. Oops :3

Anyways, shortly after I began talking / playing with one of these two, AmHypnotic, I saw that he was holding a demo and workshop on erotic hypnosis -- and only an hour from me! I was quite excited; I had never met anyone IRL who was into this sort of thing, and certainly had never been to any sort of group event. So, I decided to go, with very little idea of what to expect. By the time it rolled around, we had known each other and been playing for around two weeks, and had agreed beforehand that I would be a part of the demonstration.

In part due to his own meddling in my private affairs, I convinced a real-life friend of mine, now fmx (muahahaha!), to come along.

I was terribly, terribly, terribly nervous and excited.

After the hour-long drive, we arrived at the venue, a custom leather shop, and walked in. Turns out the event was being held in the back room, which turned out to be... a dungeon. A real live BDSM dungeon, complete with all manners of whips, floggers, and handcuffs hanging from the walls, and a Saint Andrew's cross, along with other and similar equipment, some of which I recognized, some of which I did not. It was completely unexpected and shocking to be suddenly thrust into that brand-new environment, but everyone there seemed at ease, and fmx and I quickly acclimated to the scene, which we knew would probably not involve said implements. (He tells me now that he got used to it before I did, which I did not expect and simply refuse to believe. So hah.) Even still -- first ever visit to a dungeon / playspace, check!

Meeting AmHypnotic in person was far less awkward than I expected it to be; he greeted me with a hug and talking with him seemed more natural than any interaction we'd had online, including our face-to-face sessions. It was a very short time before I felt completely at ease with the entire situation. Among others, I also got to meet his lovely SO / girl / sub, MentalConfetti, who was an all-around pretty awesome person!

After a bit of friendly chatting (and me belatedly noticing AmHypnotic's hypnosis-themed T-shirt), the 7 or so of us sat ourselves in a circle of chairs in the middle of the room and said our brief introductions -- our names, what had gotten us interested in hypnosis, and why we were there. After that was over with, AmHypnotic launched into a great lecture about the basics of hypnosis, with lovely tie-ins about how this all could pertain to erotic play. I've got to say, while little or none of the information he presented was new to me, persay, it was a real treat to hear it in AmHypnotic's concise, eloquent, and practical manner. He hit on everything I'd have wanted him to say, and he said it in ways that gave me valuable insight to his own understanding of the topic. Some of my favorite things he mentioned were points about passive language versus authoritative, positive language versus negative and the like, as well as various anecdotes which felt both compelling and useful.

It should be noted that at a few points interspersed throughout the explanation (which lasted maybe 2 hours), AmHypnotic made passing reference to the fact that there was a demonstration coming up involving MentalConfetti and then myself. And then, that I would be the subject for the rapid induction part. Ohgodohgodohgod what kind of rapid induction?? And then, that I would be the one who would show a bit of the fun phenomena one could achieve through trance. OHGODOHGODOHGOD what kind of fun things??? Sure, we had agreed on me demo-ing beforehand, but I had been pretty open and vague about to what degree. Not to mention that this would be the first rapid induction I'd ever experienced as a subject... I wasn't sure what I was more excited about.

And then, after an "any questions?" discussion or two, it was onto the demonstration with MentalConfetti. AmHypnotic started by putting her under via a standard eye-fixation induction involving a crystal. (Which she frequently greeted with "Ooh! Shiny!" ^_^) Her eyes started fluttering and blinking even before it was suggested of her, and she dropped easily and quickly. I've got to say, it was a fantastic experience to see AmHypnotic put someone else into trance. I went into "academic mode" and studied everything I could about the scene -- his words, tone, cadence, posture; how she responded in kind to each of these and with what. He deepened her trance with just a little bit of patter, and then opened up to Q&A -- while she was under. We could ask questions of either of them, and people asked some great things which led to some lovely and interesting discussion. 

And then... me. He turned to me with that almost-evil-but-not-quite grin of his and I felt completely on the spot. The surrealistic sense of the situation, though, kept me from being as incoherent and apprehensive as I could have been. Maybe should have been. I was terrified, sure, and felt a strong pang of ohgod-nervous-embarrassed-excited but he barely gave me time for that to register or germinate further.

"Sleepingirl, have you ever done the Cerbone butterfly fingers induction?" I felt myself perk up with recognition and excitement.

"Oh, no, haven't done it, but I definitely know it! Love that one!" It was true. I did. In fact, had someone asked me which was my favorite and which I most wanted to experience, that would have been the one I'd named.

"Ah, good then, come and sit over here."

I'm sure that he was teasing me about my fluster throughout, keeping the mood light enough for me to be comfortable enough to function. But then I was sitting down, and telling him not to use my right hand, as I had injured it, and he was explaining -- mostly to the rest of the group -- how it was going to work.

He took my left hand in his right and told me to relax it and let go of all the weight. And even more. I began to narrow my focus to just the two of us, even as he explained a bit of what was going to happen. I wish I could remember the exact language he used, because that's really the important part, but by the time he said that I was to follow his fingers ("Hence, 'butterfly,'" he said) with both my head and eyes, I was concentrating so hard on following directions that it didn't even feel like it mattered.

And then I could feel it happen -- he started and I was watching and my brain was struggling to figure out what to pay more attention to; the fingers in my field of vision, my arm being shaken gently, the words he was saying to me, this whole crazy ridiculous amazing situation, which one, which one, are my eyes fluttering? Oh, dear --

"Sleep," he said, pulling ever so gently on my arm and encouraging me to fall forward and down, down, down. Then I could hear his voice in my ear, smooth and soft and dangerously, comfortably close as he stroked my back and shoulders, drawing me deeper and I just. Let. Go. And let him in, perfectly and incredibly content as he rocked me slowly from side to side.

I remember nodding "yes" to maybe two questions he asked me, but I don't remember what they were. I do, however, remember him taking my hands in his and crossing my wrists, and then explaining, in the most logical way, that whenever he drew his hands around me just like so, there would be a rope following them, and whenever he pressed like that there would be a knot.

And then my hands were tied. Simple as that. I could feel the rope, I could really feel it against my skin, holding my wrists together. He raised my arms while I was still under to demonstrate that they were still bound, and then counted me up.

I was positively beaming.

After exchanging hellos with him (and half-consciously deciding to keep my field of awareness on just the two of us, for the moment), he asked what I was thinking about.

"How ridiculously real these ropes feel!" I think I exclaimed, half giggling. He proceeded to then tie my arms to my sides and then me to the chair and told me to try to move. I did. I failed, gleefully. At the time of this writing I wish I had payed more attention to others' reactions to this, but in that moment, I was still too focused on what was happening. He was talking a bit here again, but I was too dumbfounded by the reality of that intensely real ropey sensation to remember what was being said. And then, almost as an afterthought, he tied a rope around my thighs, and I was just sitting there, bound on and to the chair, and finally noticing briefly and slowly the interested looks from around the room.

"Now, here's an example of the subconscious taking care of itself," he said. I looked at him, and then he snapped and said, "release", and the ropes were gone, and I shifted in my seat and uncrossed and recrossed my arms, for my own benefit, and so that those watching could see how it had worked.

And then that was it! Giddy and pleased I retired to another seat and let the others ask questions. After a quick wrap-up from AmHypnotic -- and a requested demonstration / small discussion of a hand-drop induction on MentalConfetti, by request -- we turned to practice time, where we split into two groups.

I was in the group with fmx and countbackwards, supervised by AmHypnotic. He volunteered me as a subject for countbackwards, who took me into trance and did a bit of arm catalepsy, and we gave him feedback. Then MistressSky tried her hand at trancing fmx, and we had one last circle discussion on final thoughts before we broke for dinner.

And yep, most of us went to a diner afterwards to just chill and hang out. I've got to say, I really love this aspect of the whole group scene. A bunch of kinksters who can just sit around, talking about and cracking jokes on things from nerddom to the media to hypnosis. Experiencing something like this after so long of having no one to talk to and being a complete kink-hermit... Well, I just have to say I don't know if I want go back. :)


  1. "AmHypnotic's concise, eloquent, and practical manner"

    HAH, "concise," you're funny lol.

    But I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself. I definitely intend to do more demos/presentations in the future, and I'll let ya know about them when they come up. See ya around online!

    1. Lol, you can ramble as much as you'd like, I don't mind; so long as there's no needless repetition I'll still go with "concise" :P

  2. Great writeup! Makes me want to run out and teach more erotic hypnosis classes... I hope that other people on the hypnosis fence read this and decide to dive in the way that you did.


  3. Thank you. My favorite line: "How ridiculously real these ropes feel." You knew, but it didn't matter!

    Let me add a hear-hear to what Hypnogeekling says, too, to anyone on the fence (and hope my subconscious mind is listening).

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