Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Playtime with Spiral Turquoise

Spiral Turquoise was essentially the first person to really get me into the online hypno-scene, almost two months ago now. Reading his blog and having him chat with me really opened up my interest with getting involved with everything. He's an all-around awesome person and I have a lot to thank him for.

After a bit of chat I mentioned that I had wanted to start thinking about possibly finding a trance partner on the internet, and I asked if he had any advice on how to go about it. He gave me some tips and then said, "and you can always ask me!" I mentally filed that away, until later, in a chatroom he mentioned that I should visit, when I saw him and heard him on the mic, saying something about his sexy, seductive hypnotist voice, in what I assumed to be said sexy, seductive hypnotist voice. I think that's when I said to him, "Alright. I'm officially asking for a trance now."

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hypnoclub 6/9


My life has been... interesting, lately. In my last post I talked about going to meet AmHypnotic for the first time, in person, for his 101 meetup. Since then, my involvement with the kink- and hypno-community has only become more pronounced. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a friend of mine from chat, oneEyedstranger, and mephki. (That particular gathering will have its own post shortly, as well, as it was quite the experience.) After that, I took it upon myself to go to one of the hypnoclub meetings that mephki holds. And go figure... AmHypnotic was going to be there. We agreed beforehand that we would get to play there, and this time, in person.

This blog post, a recap and “homework assignment” from AmHypnotic himself, is going to be separated into a few different sections, and while they all flow together, I personally find it useful to compartmentalize things like this, because that’s how I think of them. It's long, I know. It's porny at parts, funny at parts, downright silly at parts. It's kind of a freaking novel, at 12 pages long. And now, without further ado...