Monday, June 18, 2012

Hypnoclub 6/9


My life has been... interesting, lately. In my last post I talked about going to meet AmHypnotic for the first time, in person, for his 101 meetup. Since then, my involvement with the kink- and hypno-community has only become more pronounced. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a friend of mine from chat, oneEyedstranger, and mephki. (That particular gathering will have its own post shortly, as well, as it was quite the experience.) After that, I took it upon myself to go to one of the hypnoclub meetings that mephki holds. And go figure... AmHypnotic was going to be there. We agreed beforehand that we would get to play there, and this time, in person.

This blog post, a recap and “homework assignment” from AmHypnotic himself, is going to be separated into a few different sections, and while they all flow together, I personally find it useful to compartmentalize things like this, because that’s how I think of them. It's long, I know. It's porny at parts, funny at parts, downright silly at parts. It's kind of a freaking novel, at 12 pages long. And now, without further ado...

Part One: Introduction

Hypnoclub was... amazing, to say the least. I came out to mephki’s apartment / space last Friday for her board game night, and had tons of fun nerding out with her, oneEyed, and many other lovely people. The next night, Saturday, was the official hypnoclub, and that’s what this post is going to focus on.

OneEyed, the awesome and newly-met Decordazon, and I got to mephki’s a bit early to help her pack and such, as she was in the process of moving. We had a productive time, and then... people began to arrive for the meeting.

The ten or so of us at the time, including me, oneEyed, AmHypnotic, MentalConfetti, Decordazon, and others, gathered in her basement space and began to mingle. It was a cheerful, fun atmosphere, much light-hearted (and often nerdy) conversation abound, and I knew I was at the right place when we all slowly noticed Decord trancing one of the girls and fell silent. She ended up with the entertaining and fascinating suggestion that she could hear and communicate with each individual in the room as they spoke in different languages. (As an aside, it turns out that AmHypnotic is fluent in “Squirtle”.)

We all became fast friends over chatting and potluck dinner. There was silliness, intriguing banter, and hypno/kinky jokes everywhere. It was one of the most fun and comfortable environments I’ve been in.

I also feel the need to mention this particular anecdote...

After dinner, as we all mingled a bit more and as I was poking fun at oneEyed for something or another, I felt a set of hands on my shoulders, guiding me over to a guy who had just walked in and removed his top hat. After shooting mephki, the owner of said hands, an inquisitive glance, I offered my own hand to the man before me.

“Hi, I’m [real name]. Sleepingirl, online.”

“Oh,” he said quietly, “Hi, I’m [real name].”

“It’s nice to meet you,” I said, smiling, shaking his hand, but still confused: “What’s your name online, do I...?” (...know you?)

“Oh,” he said again, “I’m Chewtoy.”

I blinked.


“Oh!” I exclaimed, grinning gleefully, “Hi! It’s great to finally meet you!”

Chewtoy, for those who don’t know the name, creates some really amazing hypnosis mp3s on the internet. As it turns out, my personal favorites. He and I had made acquaintances online briefly, and I had poked him the night before about attending the event. Turns out, he had.

He introduced me to his wife (who seemed equally awesome!), and then, shortly after, mephki called for the official discussion.

The theme was “adventure”, and we went sporadically around the room (of now 25ish people) with a stuffed teddybear-cum-conch shell to share different hypnotic ideas to go along with it. There was some lovely dialogue that was had, and I was extremely delighted to be a part of it. I enjoyed hearing from those in the room whose opinions I considered to be of particular interest – namely AmHypnotic, mephki herself, Chewtoy, and PhotoJoseph, among others.

After that was more mingling, but this time, with a bit of trancing involved. It pleased me beyond belief to be sitting there, as a few others around me broke into pairs and heads dropped intermittently around the room.

I had the pleasure of being brought into trance by Decordazon with a nonverbal eye fixation (fun and cool!)... And after that, a handshake induction. The post-hypnosis chat smoothly made its way back to nerdy things and began to include AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti. Mephki popped over for a moment and did what I can only describe as a “hair pulling induction” on me (which drew upon things from our scene a couple weeks prior at oneEyed’s house).

“You know what I really like? Pulling a girl’s hair to get her to go into trance...”

I felt her fingers thread through my hair and tug, and I lost myself to it. The trance was an amazing, floaty experience that mimicked what we had done together before. She spoke about trancing a girl with rope involved, and how comfortable and wonderful the feeling was for her, how safe and fun it felt to play, and my brain flipped back and forth between the present, our prior play, and this pseudo-hypothetical story she was telling. I awoke feeling absolutely fantastic, and...

“Oh, now don’t get all blushy and squirmy on us,” said a smirking AmHypnotic on the couch near me. I shot him a halfhearted glare.

When the night died down (think 11:30 pm-ish, at this point), about ten of us moved upstairs to mephki’s apartment for some fun. My heart was pounding the entire time... I knew that this was when AmHypnotic and I were probably going to get to play.

Part Two: The Party

We all made ourselves comfortable, and chatted amongst each other, when a guy called BlackSilverPurple took out some things from the toy bag he’d brought with him. The first of which being what I would learn was a violet wand, or, as we’d refer to it, “shocky shocky zappy zappy”. Turns out there was a girl there that really liked electroplay, and we got to watch as she enjoyed him (and a couple others) using it with her. I was fascinated – the more physical aspects of BDSM are both foreign and extremely intriguing to me. Mephki made the (apparently great) suggestion to hook the wand up to what Decordazon could refer only as a “wa-wa pedal”, and trust me, I’ll never see a funk band the same way again.

I think it was about this time that the thought hit me that I was at a real live play party.

BlackSilverPurple then brought out some special rope – some that had metal threads in it to conduct the shocks. He tied a simple harness around her, mephki dimmed the lights and we all “ooh’d” and “ahh’d” both quietly and boisterously as the rope lit up with electricity when he touched it.

I gathered the courage to let oneEyed shock me a bit with it and quickly discovered that, except at the lowest settings, it wasn’t for me. However, I’m glad I tried it, and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting!

In the middle of all this, Decordazon, looking on from across the room, called out the name of the girl in the metal/rope harness. She looked over at him.

“3, 2, 1, sleep,” he said.

“No, I don’t think that’s going to work,” she replied.

“Yes it is,” he said, “3, 2, 1, sleep.” And her head lolled forward and the room collectively smiled and hushed. He gave her the suggestion that when she woke up, she would feel the wand five times more intensely than before, and then counted her back up. BlackSilverPurple used the wand on her, and she gasped at what she was feeling.

It’s that kind of thing, where hypnosis is expected, casual-and-not-so-casual fun, that I really love about the community.

After a bit of this, BlackSilverPurple pulled out some of the other things he brought – homemade impact toys – and did some show-and-tell. Again, extremely fascinating to me, and I delighted in getting to touch the leather and wood and hearing about how they were used, and imagining, futilely, I’m sure, what they might feel like. I had to take oneEyed and MentalConfetti’s words for it (both sitting near me on the couch) as to which would hurt more.

It’s around this time when AmHypnotic makes his way over to the empty seat on the couch on my right.

Part Three: Playtime

My desire for our play, forgotten from the excitement of the scene around me, flares back to life. I’m completely charged and on edge from anticipation at this point, I’ve had so long to think about what would happen to me, and now, now here he is, sitting right there. Everything, all my feelings, have come rushing back to me, almost too fast, too intensely.

And then he’s touching me, stroking my hair, and, embarrassingly quickly, I’m aroused beyond belief.

“Hellooo,” he says, with that tone (near-mocking) and that grin (shamelessly smug). My just-previously extroverted self wants to crawl into a corner and hide, but he allows no such thing. He asks how I’m doing, I squeak out a “good”.

Then, “Tell me something you need me to know.”


I think after a certain point of me wibbling and blushing, he realizes I won’t be able to answer with anything more useful than a shrug and nervous, small smile.

He takes my chin in his hand, and gently guides my face and eyes to his.


“Look into my eyes.”

My brain takes the trigger – the trance trigger we’ve used before – and my eyes shut and I drop. Hard.

“Open your eyes,” I hear him say, and some distant part of my brain wants to thank him for letting me stare into his eyes again. Mine flutter open and I am lost in his, going further down as the intensity of his gaze pulls and pulls and pulls as he, smirking, murmurs a seductive deepening patter... And everything is fuzzy and wonderful and my world narrows down to just the three or four inches in front of my face.

Deeper, deeper...

“And go down now...”

And I obey, head tipping forward and eyes sliding deliciously shut as I can finally use all of my attention to focus on his voice and his words. I go deep for him, following every word, both to sate my own desires and somehow, strangely, to show him that I can; to show him what I am capable of.

I remember answering “yes” and “yes Sir” to a few questions, but I don’t remember what most of them are. I do remember, though, the feeling of his hands stroking my arms, and then his voice, telling me that when I feel that...

“Maybe, you’ll feel my hands... somewhere else...”

I gasp, and when he asks if that is OK, I answer as enthusiastically as I can, so deep in trance.

“Ready to have some fun?” he asks, like always.

Yes...” I breathe, like always, though this time, perhaps a bit more desperately.

“Good girl, waking up on the count of five...”

When I open my eyes, he’s grinning at me, a hand still gently running along my shoulders and I’m immediately conscious of the fact that I’m bright red... a condition which is not relieved by AmHypnotic pointing it out, and both oneEyed and MentalConfetti commenting on it with cheeky smiles. I cover my face, slightly ashamed, wholly and completely excited.

And then his hands move and I remember why I am so soaked between my legs in the first place. I try as hard as I can not to make noise, not to squirm, but my hips are making little jerky motions and nothing is stopping the whimpers that are escaping through my nose. His feathery touches along my arms, sending jolts of pleasure and arousal through me, are becoming slightly more forceful; he grazes his nails along my skin and I lose control of my voice and body. A fervid mewl escapes my lips, and knowing that I can’t contain myself only makes me that much hotter; like some strange internal reference to that cyclical hypnotic language pattern. He brings my eyes to his once again, and I feel my insides melt.

Good girl,” he breathes, and he’s being so cruel with his hands, teasing up and down my arms, every once in a while a hand drifting to play with my breasts—ohfucksogood—and I’ve simply stopped caring. Squirming so hard on the couch in his arms, his stare, so intense, fixed on me, going mad with desire and pleasure.

“Does it feel good?” he asks.

Panting, moaning, in a haze, “Yes Sir...”

He rewards me with his words again, telling me—acknowledging that he knows—that I’m getting so close to the edge, and even closer and closer and it’s driving me crazy... It’s so good and it just keeps getting better, impossibly better, impossibly hotter, and it’s forcing noises out of me that I should be embarrassed about—

“Closer and closer to that edge, even closer now—”

ohmygodPLEASE —pleasepleaseplease—can’thandleit—

“Orgasm now,” he says firmly, and there it is, that rush of headspacey pleasure that spreads through my whole body and I’m being completely flooded with it, and he’s holding me in real life; I’m cumming right there on the fucking couch, shuddering and crying out in front of the whole goddamn room, and that dull, distant realization is like twinge, deep inside me, of sharp, agonizing, incredible humiliation as everything peaks and then begins to die down.

He looks me in the eyes again, I’m still panting and making noises and I’m sure my mouth is open at least partially, and I am a puddle, so utterly captivated with the intensity of his gaze...

“Good girl,” he’s saying, and I feel it bloom even deeper inside me. Then, in that brief moment of almost-respite,

“Orgasm now,” and it starts all over again.


As I calmed down from the scene I looked cautiously around the room and met the gaze of a good number of amused individuals, and felt myself get even redder, but the atmosphere was completely fun and relaxed and I found myself feeling much more gleeful that I perhaps should have.

The mood in the room was palpably lovely, even as it began to settle down. AmHypnotic took this opportunity to trance me again to just clean me up a bit, make sure I was OK. I woke up, we continued with our joyous chatter, and... that’s when the weird stuff started to happen.

Part Four: The Magical Pen

AmHypnotic reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pen.

“Here,” he says, offering it to me.

Confused, I take it in my right hand.

And then, it’s in my left.

I blink and then burst into laughter, exclaiming, “What the fuck?!” AmHypnotic, MentalConfetti, and oneEyed are giggling and giving me amused looks.

And then the pen is gone, and one of my arms has moved.

I whip around to face AmHypnotic, trying to muster a glare, but probably just bearing a grin of excitement.

“What did you do?” I shriek, and the irritation I’m trying to portray in my voice comes out only as glee. The three of them only laugh more.

“Alright, give me the pen back.”

Suspicious, I hand him the pen, only to find that it’s back in my other hand. I’m giggling uncontrollably along with them at this point.

“Hey!” AmHypnotic says with a grin, scolding me gently, “I said give it back!” I hand it to him again, and then I’m holding a pencil. Laughing still, I inspect the pencil to see if it’s “real”. At this point, I know he must have done something funny with my head, and my brain is going through all the different possibilities as he berates me for “stealing” his pencil.

“I didn’t take it!” I insisted, “You did something!”

“Who, me?” he asks, and I feign a glare, and then my arms have moved again and I’m holding the pen AND the pencil, giggling more.

This continues for a bit, oneEyed and MentalConfetti now both playfully telling me to stop taking AmHypnotic’s things. Blushing and giggling I maintain that I’ve done nothing, and wonder to myself if I’m doing things and then forgetting.

Then the writing implements are gone, my position has changed slightly, and in my hand is one of the paddles that BlackSilverPurple had brought. I cry out slightly in surprise and amusement, and look over at him apologetically, and he’s grinning at me as well.

“I’m sorry!” I squeak between laughs, and lay the thing back on the floor near the others, only to find that I’ve sat up, holding a different one. I cuss out the three in my general vicinity and replace it, realizing only moments later that ALL of the toys are now in my lap and hands, and my legs are bound by invisible rope, like the kind AmHypnotic demonstrated on me almost a month prior.

Laughing and blushing and laughing some more, I give them back and then turn to a smirking AmHypnotic.

“Did you ever read the blog post I did about Jukebox, by any chance?” I ask him with an accusatory tone, but grinning.

“I don’t think so,” he replies. “And release.” And my legs are unbound.

“Well,” I say, “There was one story, called ‘Freeze-Frame’, and I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m losing time in the same way that the main character of that one is.” For those unfamiliar, her husband, Jack, had a trigger that would freeze Diane and cause her to blank out whatever happened while she was frozen.

Laughing, he says, “Oh, you think so?” And then I’m bound again, this time, including my wrists.

I giggle, and exclaim, “Yes!” My nose then itches, so I lean down to scratch it against my bound wrists, and find that a rope has been tied around my neck and legs so that I’m trapped leaning over. After a bit of undignified flailing (as much as I could, in that position) and shrieking, he releases me, and we realize that BlackSilverPurple is demoing a few of the impact toys that had ‘mysteriously’ ended up in my possession on a one of the girls a couch over.

They move into mephki’s bedroom shortly after for a bit more private play.

Part Five: Musical Interlude

Out in the living room, we had some more merry conversation... to the sound of the rhythmic slapping from the impact scene in the bedroom. Someone remarked it sounded like a bit of a slow clap, and perhaps we should applaud. And then, Decordazon breaks out into song, clapping in time with the paddling.

“Michael, row the boat ashore, Hallelujah...”

The entire room, all eight or so of us, begins to clap with him and sing along, until we’re all giggling and grinning and coming up to the second refrain. We notice that the slapping sounds coming from the other room have stopped, and BlackSilverPurple, laughing himself, comes out and says to us, “I can’t flog properly when I’m laughing this much!” And we all burst into laughter.

AmHypnotic takes this opportunity to say, “If you’ve been flogged to the rhytmn of a folk song, you may have been flogged... in the Twilight Zone.” This, of course, was met with another chorus of giggles, and, “Doo dee doo doo, doo dee doo doo...”

Part Six: Kitty

After the spontaneous break into song, there was a bit more of things being strange, which I’d attribute to the freeze-frame-like trigger. At some point I found that my shawl had been draped over my head and I had a chain around my neck, and at another, one of my bracelets had been moved to the other wrist.

But, after a time, it seems like our play has died down, and everyone but me, AmHypnotic, MentalConfetti, mephki, Decordazon, and oneEyed have left. I resign myself to the still-cheerful mood and conversation of the room, when AmHypnotic apparently decides it’s time to drop me again.

“And go down once more...”

OK, says my brain, happily, and I eagerly let him into my head to mess around.

I awake to find that... there’s a cat sitting on my lap!

Kitty! says my brain, and I quickly realize that my mouth has said the same. It’s... a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to cats in my general vicinity, I suppose. AmHypnotic grins at me, and while I scritch the cat, who seems quite friendly, I ask the question that’s on my mind.

“It’s a big kitty!” I say, “Why is it—he? She?—so flat?”

Because, indeed, the cat perched on my lap is... flat. There’s really no other way to describe it.

“It’s a she,” AmHypnotic replied, grinning, “If it was a ‘he’, you’d know!” I laugh.

“She’s a New Mexican Spotted Flat Cat,” says MentalConfetti, “A relative of the Nylonabeast.” MentalConfetti works with animals, and while I haven’t heard of the breed, I trust her knowledge.

“When they eat, it just sort of spreads out flat,” adds AmHypnotic. “Like pugs, sort of. Rolls of fat and whatnot.”

“She’s cute!” I say, smiling, petting her some more. She snuggles up to me a bit and begins to purr. I gasp slightly in joy, and give her a headbutt. “Good girl!”

And so we continue chatting while I pet the adorable creature. AmHypnotic gives her a few pats and scritchies, and the kitty is clearly displeased when MentalConfetti makes angry noises at her. I have to calm her down a bit, and I try to tell MentalConfetti not to upset her.

And then...

“Kitten!” I exclaim, for on my head has appeared a kitten, of a similar variety of the cat on my legs. I gingerly pick her up and set her down next to what I assume is her mother.

“She’s an adorable kitten,” agrees AmHypnotic, and I spend a good amount of time giving the two attention in between our idle chatter. They’re remarkably lax and snuggly, I note, must be the breed.

MentalConfetti then says, “Oh, she pooped on the floor! It rolled under the couch.”

I had just spent the majority of a day prior cleaning litterboxes, as I volunteer at a shelter, and so I immediately exclaim, “I am not cleaning that up!”

Which is when AmHypnotic drops me back into trance, and removes the suggestion that the blanket and hat laying on me are felines.

“That was cool!” I exclaim, but am slightly disappointed when I go to lay my hand on a purring kitty and am met with only fur-print fleece. We spend a small while talking about what I experienced, and afterwards the conversation drifts back to joking and nerdiness.

Part Seven: The Doctor

But all of a sudden, I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ve lost time, as it feels like things have just... jumped a bit. People are in slightly different positions and have slightly different expressions, mephki and oneEyed are laughing, and this worries me a bit... But then AmHypnotic draws my eyes to his again and I forget to care as I become captivated and he drops me back into trance. I lose myself in his words once more. And after what could have been a few seconds or a few minutes,

“Now,” he says softly, “In a moment, you’re going to wake up, and notice that the Doctor is in this room. I don’t know which Doctor it will be, or which person it will be, but he will be here and you can interact with him. Is this idea OK with you?”

Dreamy, tranced out as all hell, I nod.

“Good girl. And waking up on the count of 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.”

And, as I’m opening my eyes, I hear from across the room, in a British accent:


Immediately my eyes dart to the source, and... Well. It’s him. The Doctor. Not any one that I recognize, but that’s definitely him, no doubt about it. I’m speechless for a few long moments until I realize I’ve been staring, and that he’s noticed.

“I—I’m sorry,” I manage, and my voice is embarrassingly squeaky, “but are you—I mean, are you the Doctor? Like, THE Doctor?”

“Doctor who?” he asks, and he’s still got that amused look.

“Yes!” I exclaim excitedly, “That one!” It’s now that I notice AmHypnotic next to me, laughing his ass off, along with everyone else in the room. I glare at him to hush—the Doctor, the Doctor, is right there, why is he laughing?!—and I struggle to find something to say.

“So, u-um,” I try, “what brings you to around here? And now?”

“Oh, you know,” the Doctor replies, “TARDIS takes me where I need to go and all that.” My inner fangirl is absolutely pissing herself in joy. Despite biting my lip, I grin even wider.

“Can I...” I stammer, and know I’m going to embarrass myself but I have to ask, “can I have a hug?” The room, including him, laughs, but he gets up and opens his arms, and I gleefully, blushingly, get up and hug him. I just hugged the freaking Doctor!!! No one will believe this!

All of a sudden, before I can sit down, I realize my hands have made their way behind my back and are tied there. I shoot a glare at a grinning AmHypnotic, then turn back to the Doctor, who’s smirking at me.

“I’m sorry,” I manage, then nod my head AmHypnotic to indicate him, “He’s...” I cut off and look at him, exasperated. “Can I have these back, please?” I wiggle my arms.

“Fiiiiine,” he says, “release.”

“Thank you,” I say. I sit back down, trying to keep from beaming or blushing too hard. Something then occurs to me. I address the Doctor again.

“So... what’s with the BBC show? I mean... How much of that is real?”

“Oh, some of it,” he says, aloof, “We have camera crews sometimes.”

“Oh. And... what Doctor are you? I mean, which number? I mean, which regeneration? You don’t look like any of the ones I’ve seen before...”

“I’ve lost track,” he says, laughing, and I’m laughing with him.

“So,” I stammer, “Are you, uh, travelling with anyone right now?” For some reason, the room finds this question beyond hilarious.

(I’ll take a moment to note that everyone afterwards insisted that I asked if the Doctor would take me as a companion, but I remember doing no such thing.)

Decordazon, on my left, turns to me and says, loudly, “Subtle. Hump his leg a little more.” I feel myself turn BRIGHT red. My voice raises about 3 octaves and I try to ‘shush’ him. Of course, this only makes everyone laugh even more. I want to run into the corner and hide.

As I’m trying to withdraw into my own skin, AmHypnotic engages the Doctor in a bit of conversation and I listen on intently. This whole situation is just so surreal for me, and I still can’t get over the fact that he’s right there. And then, I can’t quite tell but it feels like maybe time has jumped—

“Oh, the TARDIS is calling!” The Doctor says, and leaps up. My heart races. He grabs MentalConfetti’s hand. “Come with me!” Then he walks over to mephki, and says, “you too!” And he whisks them out of the room as I watch, dumbfounded, unable to do anything, and feeling my heart sink a bit. AmHypnotic seems slightly perturbed that the Doctor has taken his girl without taking him, but he’s still smiling. Then, he looks at me, with those eyes.

“Look deep into my eyes, sleepingirl.” I forget my environment and lose myself, one more time.

He brings me down and removes the suggestion, and as soon as he’s counted me up, as soon as I’ve awoken, the only thing I can bring myself to say is a thoroughly discontented “aww” at the fact that that wasn’t the real Doctor. I made a mental note to murder who it actually was... oneEyed. Shortly after, he, MentalConfetti, and mephki walk back into the room, giggling, and I berate them for not taking me. They enlighten me to the fact that the room had, as I suspected, frozen me, and apparently decided to take the two other women in the room besides me. I pout good-naturedly for a good half-hour.

And yes, I still hold a bit of a grudge.

Part Eight: Wind Down (sort of)

It’s late, at this point. Very late. We spend a while talking about what else could have made the “Doctor” experience more intensive, and there is a lot of fun poked at me for being so wibbly (wobbly timey wimey?), as well as me yelling at the lot of them for being so mean through the whole thing.

And then, we all ready ourselves for bedtime, taking turns in the bathroom to brush our teeth and whatnot. After I come out, I see that AmHypnotic is sitting on the couch I’m to be sleeping on for the night... with a particular kind of glove on his hand. Cautiously, I sit next to him.

He has the look.

It’s then that I realize that the glove vibrates.

And he’s giving my head some scritches with it, and really, it feels quite lovely, and I close my eyes and eagerly let him. Then that hand is drifting down to my shoulders, and back... and tits... And he’s got me hot again, my arousal singing to life. He “ties” my arms together behind my back and holds my head firmly by the hair, tilting it back, and I feel helpless to his touch. I’m squirming and mewling once more, this time, under his hands more than his words.

I feel that vibration on my leg... on the inside of my thigh... teasing so close to where I really, really want it to be. Gasping, pushing my hips out, moaning as he calls me a good girl.

“Does it feel good?” he asks, smirking.

Yes,” I groan.

“Yes what?” he demands, a hard edge to his voice. My clit burns, my heart gives one very hard pound.

“Yes Sir,” I say breathlessly, and it’s automatic, and feels so right, like I’ve never been surer of the answer to that question. It’s a feeling I don’t often have the pleasure of experiencing, and it’s amazingly erotic.

“Good girl,” he replies, and there it is, that buzzing on my clit, and I’m gasping, squirming against him,

Please please please please please—

“Orgasm NOW.

And it floods my mind and body one final time.


When we woke up the next morning we had crepes (as I understand is the tradition) and hung out a bit more before most of us had to leave. Decordazon tranced me one or two more times. AmHypnotic made sure that the “freeze” trigger had gone back to normal, and I learned the details of and just how much I had been messed with the night prior.

I was stupidly giddy after we left (and still kind of am). Those involved still haven’t stopped referencing some of the fun times we had, probably much to the chagrin of those who have to suffer through it.

I’ll confess I was worried about how the hell I would find a way to make a blog post out of the experiences. After all, I still haven’t finish the one suggested to me by mephki of our scene a few weeks prior. AmHypnotic, as I said before, however, rectified this situation by giving me a couple deadlines to have it done by. And even though I underestimated the final length of the post (by almost 4 full pages), I feel extremely happy to say that I’ve completed it within the time limit he set for me. (Missed the first "extra credit" deadline by less than an hour... damn! Even still. I'm pretty pleased. :3 )

There are some small details left out of this post, I know that, and while I want to include every minutia of memory I can recall, I’ve decided to leave it at what it is. It flows well (enough) right now, and the things that aren’t included here aren’t incredibly necessary to the feel of the entire piece. However, if you were there, and there’s something important I’ve forgotten / misremembered / you feel should be added / etc, I’ll be happy to consider revising.


Sometimes I fear I’ve been having too much fun in my life. And then I think to myself, But sleepingirl! You haven’t yet been flogged and heard the room next to you break out into a folk song. And I smile, and consider, briefly, what the people around me, in Real Life, might guess that smile means.


  1. It was neat to finally meet you! Thank you for the mention. :)

    And this is a lovely description of the rest of your evening. :) Sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. Great to meet you too, and you're welcome! Thanks for the comments :)

  2. What a fantastic post; I've really enjoyed reading the whole experience and I look forward to hearing lots more (I'm a new reader of this blog). Really love the "porny" parts (as you put it!). Best, WT.

    1. :) Thanks, glad you're enjoying it! There's certainly more to come.

  3. I always love to get to read someone's looking back at play and fun we have, and you have quite excellent recall, for the most part, even when you say you don't lol.

    The general feedback is also awesome in general, nevermind when it's put so entertainingly. MentalConfetti enjoyed the read, too. She was looking forward to it almost as much as I was.

    I look forward to what you eventually write for mephki and Spiral ;-)
    Maybe we'll have to set some other deadlines...

  4. You are both a remarkable writer and apparently a remarkable subject. (I just wish Yeats's poem "Politics" wouldn't keep coming back to me.)

  5. Wow... You know that you are a lucky person?! Not only that you experience this but also to be able to describe it in such a detailed and stunning way. I absolutely enjoyed it. Regards from Germany, Gerry

    1. Glad you enjoyed! And yep, I know some pretty cool folks. Thank you!

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and seeing the evening through your eyes. You really added such a happy flavor to the weekend! Delight and glee! So glad you were able to come and thank you so much for capturing this weekend in writing. It was one of the best! =)

    1. :D Thank you so so so much for having me, I think you can tell that I had a great time. "Delight and glee" is a great way to describe it. Hopefully I'll be able to see you again soon :)

  7. Oh, Mephki's apartment in Boston. I'm going to miss all of the fun I had at that place. Including a 'tist making me cum and coming out of it and seeing a room full of amused voyeurs.