Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Barbeque; or, the Story of Bacon, Rope, and Hypnosis: 5/26

(In terms of chronology, for the lazy, this post comes after AmHypnotic's 101 class and before hypnoclub.)

In the span of one week, I had completely popped / exploded my meet-kinksters-IRL cherry. May 20th was the wonderful erotic hypnosis 101 event held by AmHypnotic, and just 6 days later I planned to go to Boston and finally meet a couple people from the kink / hypno scene there. I had made fast friends with oneEyedstranger in chat, and, hearing that I was going to be in the area, he promptly decided to hold a casual barbeque / potluck movie night at his place. The lovely mephki also planned to be in attendance, and due to the extremely short time period in which this gathering was planned, we were correct in assuming that it was probably going to be just us three.

I was incorrect, however, in assuming that there would be no play.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Wonders of Rapport and Thoughts on Trance Medium; or, Text Fun with AmHypnotic

Yes, yes, go ahead and gloat at the existence of this post; you know who you are, and the rest of the readers probably know too.

I am no stranger to the idea of text trances. But, until semi-recently, I never thought they would be terribly effective with me. I think this is because I never saw how they could be very effective without the feedback (from both the subject and ‘tist) that voice / video / real life can offer. How can the subject hear the proper inflection in the hypnotist’s voice? How can the ‘tist properly read the subject’s responses through such a limited medium? These questions and ideas prevented me from wanting to use text to trance very much at all. That voice, in the back of my mind the whole time, saying “what if?” or “can they even tell xyz?” or “how can I offer enough feedback to make this work?”

These aren’t really problems when one has tranced face-to-face with someone before, and especially when there is a fantastic amount of rapport involved between the ‘tist and subject. So much so that the subject can figuratively or literally hear the hypnotist’s voice in the text, and the ‘tist can practically see the subject’s physical response without even needing more than a few pixels on a screen.

AmHypnotic and I, unsurprisingly, have rapport like that.