Monday, July 9, 2012

The Wonders of Rapport and Thoughts on Trance Medium; or, Text Fun with AmHypnotic

Yes, yes, go ahead and gloat at the existence of this post; you know who you are, and the rest of the readers probably know too.

I am no stranger to the idea of text trances. But, until semi-recently, I never thought they would be terribly effective with me. I think this is because I never saw how they could be very effective without the feedback (from both the subject and ‘tist) that voice / video / real life can offer. How can the subject hear the proper inflection in the hypnotist’s voice? How can the ‘tist properly read the subject’s responses through such a limited medium? These questions and ideas prevented me from wanting to use text to trance very much at all. That voice, in the back of my mind the whole time, saying “what if?” or “can they even tell xyz?” or “how can I offer enough feedback to make this work?”

These aren’t really problems when one has tranced face-to-face with someone before, and especially when there is a fantastic amount of rapport involved between the ‘tist and subject. So much so that the subject can figuratively or literally hear the hypnotist’s voice in the text, and the ‘tist can practically see the subject’s physical response without even needing more than a few pixels on a screen.

AmHypnotic and I, unsurprisingly, have rapport like that.

So, there have been a few times when he’s tranced me through chat of some sort, using text only. It helps that I half-hear his voice in my head with whatever he types and that it only takes a sentence for me to hear it fully. It helps that I know he knows me well enough as a subject to gauge and guess my responses near-perfectly. Put it all together and you’ve got a winning combination for an awesome trance without the need for a (real) auditory component.

This particular post is going to be talking about what I described afterwards as “one of the most incredible trances I've ever experienced”—and it was, top 5, maybe top 3 even, no doubt.

He takes me down... well... without an induction, really. We’re chatting, he’s teasing me a little, he’s slipped into “sir” mode and I into “sub” mode, and then, smoothly, without a transition or with a perfect one... I think there is a moment when my brain decides to go the last tenth of the way down into trance when he says “NOW”, but I’m already mostly there after the four or five phrases I’d just answered “yes sir” to.

I should mention at this point that before he said “NOW”, I was already feeling the physical sensations on my body that he was describing to me. I am no stranger to being “waking suggestible” with some – especially with him. My mind is rather keen to jump on the bandwagon if he’s suggesting something. It almost feels as though he’ll mention something, my brain will do a quick evaluation of whether or not I feel it should happen, for whatever reason, and, if the answer is yes, it will cheerfully say “ok!” And the next thing I know that thing will be happening. If I consciously decide it’s not the right time, I can make it not happen.

But when he tells me it’s so easy to feel his hands, his lips, his voice, his breath, his presence, rewarding me... I can do nothing but agree, just as I had told him that it was so natural to obey him completely.

He talks to me a bit, pushing my subby, trance-loving buttons as he always does, and I feel pretty deep in the experience already. But then there are his damn words again, knowing exactly what to say to get me to go down that much deeper, incredibly so, in a matter of moments. I can’t believe how fucking deep in trance I am, and there, he’s saying that too. Did he say it before I realized it? Did I think that before he said it? I don’t know, and I really, really don’t care.

Not that I’m thinking much at all by this point. There’s a second layer—and is that a third layer?—of what I’m hearing him whisper in my ears. I can’t really keep track. Then he’s saying how every once in a while, the layers line up and they say exactly the same thing, don’t they? Yes, yes they do, it was right there, did you hear it?

I’m feeling rather mindfucked and somewhat confusey and utterly, incredibly aroused. And, head still reeling from everything,

“In this scene, as we play right now, you are mine.”

I had to explain what I meant, later, when I said “I about died” when he said that—there aren’t really any words in English that properly describe that sensation. It’s one that I’m no stranger to feeling in this and other, similar contexts. My pulse throbs and my whole body (and mind, too) just screams "yes" in an intensely pleasurable way. Spiral Turquoise, while he may not have known this at the time, told me what it looked like when it happened, once, in front of him. He said something to the effect of, “I love that look on your face. Like you’re miserable, but so, so happy about it.” Yeah, that’s the expression.

I think it goes well along with the phrase “painfully aroused”.

It’s that moment when your toes would curl. It’s that moment when you grab the sheets so hard your nails bite into your palm. It’s that moment when your eyes roll back. It’s that moment when you get that feeling, deep in the pit of your stomach.

All condensed into one instant.

Yeah, that one.

Gasping slightly, brain so fuzzy and foggy and lovely, eyes fluttering as I struggle to type another “yes sir”. His hands are on me, I can feel his breath in my ears as he types/talks/whatever, all three of his voices inside my head, deep within my mind... Taking me deeper, his words perfect for my brain, just so fucking gone, “more and more, less and less”, and it’s like nothing else matters but what’s happening, I can concentrate without concentrating, float and drift and feel so much pleasure at his command... So much intense obedience that it consumes me, body and mind, as he plays with me, body and mind...

Then he’s telling me he knows I’m on the edge of cumming, and I have been for a while, and that time is slowing down already and will continue to when I orgasm, and I can feel it stretching out, somehow, my perception changing to fit it...

(Thinking back on it now, the whole build up feels like it took about fifteen lines of text.

It took five.)

And finally, finally finally finally,

“Are you ready to obey?”

Whispered in my ear by three voices as his hands press against me and his words press against me, and I can feel him closer than before, I can feel me closer than before, those layers of his voice echoing, echoing, echoing as I respond as emphatically as I can...

“Then, my slave, orgasm NOW—” and I obey, just like I said I would, just like he said I would, cumming hard as I’m still reading, hearing his voice, the waves still coming, slow and extended and wonderful... And I let it happen for a few or many long, long moments, before telling him, still floating, that I’ve finished.

He brings me back, brings my mind back, and we talk a bit about what I experienced. Me, flustered as no one’s business, and probably stoking the hell out of his ego.


“lol, blog time? :-P”

“XDDDD maybe i will, no promises, but maybe i will”

“lol, uh huh”

And just for the record, he totally cheated in convincing me to write this.

But then, no one said I liked us to play fair.


  1. Wow, what an intense experience! And a well-told story. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. :) Thank you for reading and enjoying!

  2. Thanks, sleepingirl, for this description. Would you mind if I show a link to this in my blog, because it seems to me the description about text based hypnosis I would love to write, but never could like you do?! Cheers, Gerry... (

    1. You're quite welcome, and I'd love if you linked to this :) Thank you for asking, and thanks for reading!

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  4. It's kind of ironic that someone who can convey her experience so vividly with words doubts their efficacy in the area of text trance. I'm not complaining in the least, mind you: this is thoroughly enjoyable and, for my money, the best kind of "press" for our kink. I just want to put in a word for text trance as a medium that does not have to rely on the hypnotist and subject knowing each other any other way.

    1. Hah! I know there are many people out there who don't mind text trances at all with anyone -- I was more saying that for me, personally, worrying about those things I mentioned keeps me from fully immersing myself. I'm a worrier, and ADD to boot; if I'm not 100% comfortable, no amount of trancing or relaxing or what have you can change that. Hence being able to let go with someone I have good rapport with.

  5. Hi there, totally new here, but just wanted to thank you for all the blogging you've done. I found the blog through Wiseguy's book and I follow AmHypnotic on Tumblr and reading these posts has been a real outlet. I'm a very nervous and newly "out" hypnokinkster (although I've been into it for almost 10 years). Reading your blog has been comforting, enlightening, and encouraging in many ways. Just wanted to say thanks :)