Monday, August 6, 2012

Erotic Hypnosis 102 with AmHypnotic: Induction Workshop; or, Kitty!

This post doesn’t even have a legitimate reason to exist. (Slight update: well, except for AmHypnotic poking me about it, now... [Slightly updated update: and now a deadline...]) Honestly, it’s more for my own memories of fun rather than a super sexy scorching-hot piece. This being said, I don’t know how porny this will turn out, in the end. (Slight update: eh, ok, kinda almost pornyish.) Also, this was never meant to be this stupidly long. I apologize.

May 20th was AmHypnotic’s 101 class that I went to, and July 22nd was what I’d call his “102” class – an informal demonstration / workshop on inductions. Between then and now was hypnoclub and a whole lot of online play / chat / etc. The nerves I felt going into the private play space from last time were gone by today and replaced with just excitement and happiness at seeing some people I had quite missed interacting with in person.

Many hugs and pokes were had (I still owe MentalConfetti about 26 or so pokes), as well as cheerful conversation and a bit of catching-up over pizza. As a few others begin to trickle in, AmHypnotic decides it’s time to start.

After a few short introductions, he explains that he’s going to demonstrate what’s called the “Elman induction” first.

“Now, has anyone here heard of the Elman before?”

I grin, raise my hand amongst a sea of (read: 7ish) curious looks.

“Well, let’s get started then.” After briefly going over what the induction is and who Dave Elman was, he moves a chair across from MentalConfetti and does the induction with her.

(For those who don’t know the Elman, look it up. It’s a decent way to learn about various aspects of hypnotic trance.)

After a successful trance, AmHypnotic asks if anyone has any questions, and when no one does (besides my slightly tongue-in-cheek “What number did she get to?”), we break off to practice it.

It’s now that I realize how freaking long it’s been since I’ve used the Elman, and how little I’ve been trancing others in general lately. But that particular induction is one that I knew front-to-goddamn-back, because it was one of the first “traditional” inductions I’d learned, and I feel fairly comfortable with it. I was going to pick MentalConfetti as my partner – OK, yes, because she’d be an easy subject – but AmHypnotic came over and directed her to go supervise the other group, and I ended up having the lovely SpringofHope to practice with, who I had met at the last meeting, and had garnered was a fairly analytical fellow.

The induction went... fairly well. I matched my speaking to his breathing and got into that space – a hypnotist’s trance, I’d say – where I am much attuned to the person’s behavior and the language comes out of my mouth easily and naturally. I got eye catalepsy with him on the second try, and he was pretty deep before I started the “numbers” bit. Normally I eschew the last part of the Elman simply because I never feel as though I need it, and it has added unnecessary complications in the times I’ve done it. Probably partially because of my own inexperience/distrust of the method, after he said a few numbers, and wasn’t feeling them “fade away” as I had intended, he came out of it. We talked about what had happened, I made some mental notes. But all-in-all, I was pleased with how it went. Got back into the swing of trancing, I guess.

After my practice, and after watching a few others around the room practice, AmHypnotic joins the group back together. Asks how everything went, if anyone had any questions. There are a few timid looks around the room, but no one says anything.

“Well, alright, let’s move on. I think I’d like to try something a little more instant—” and I can feel my face betraying me and smiling “—like the handshake induction. Well, one of the handshake inductions. There’s, like, three. Anyways, would anyone like to volunteer?”

I give him an “I-know-you-already-know-this-and-it’s-embarrassing-to-do-but-I’m-doing-it-anyways” grin and sloooowly raise my hand.

He laughs, “I know you want to; anyone else?”

SpringofHope cautiously raises his hand, and AmHypnotic says “oh!” interestedly, and then after a small bit of deliberation says that he will demo a different induction with him. SpringofHope does a lot of ropework and doesn’t like the feeling of “falling”, and while the handshake induction doesn’t involve much of that, I think AmHypnotic is being cautious.

“Alright, come here,” he says, gesturing to me. I can’t wipe the grin off my face. I stand up and move to the edge of the carpet, and he stands in front of me, grinning.

“Hi!” he says. I giggle.

“Well hello!” He extends his hand for a handshake, and, smiling like a fool, I reach out to take his hand.

He grabs it by the wrist, brings it to my face, and steps to the side. Although I’m expecting it, it’s still startling.

“Look at your hand,” he says, and I do, focus split evenly and completely between my hand and his voice.

I know this induction quite well – while I haven’t done it myself, I’ve seen it done countless times, and when he explains that my hand will move closer to my face and that I’ll drop into trance when I feel it touch, I know he’s right. I’ve noticed that I’m under even before my hand makes contact, and when it does, it’s simply a formality to allow my eyes to close and my head and body to droop.

It’s a small bit of deepening before he wakes me up, and I open my eyes on the count of “five”, grinning and feeling so very pleased. The room seems in awe, and I’m reminded of how I felt the first few times I’d seen the handshake done. AmHypnotic comments to everyone, smirking, that people like me are a bit of an ego-stroke and that I make him look good by dropping so easily. Everyone seems to silently agree.

I practically skip the few feet to my seat and sit down, in a fantastic mood. He asks again if anyone has any questions and if folks would like to practice this particular induction.

Met with complacent silence, he tells us to break off and practice. I look over and point at MentalConfetti.

“You,” I say, smiling.

“Me?” she asks.

I didn’t get a chance to trance MentalConfetti at the last class-event-thing that AmHypnotic had held, and I intended to make true on my promise that I would eventually get to practice on her. Not because I wanted it in a sexual sense – trancing others, for me, is rarely a turn-on except in very specific circumstances – but because I knew she would be a good subject, and I bizarrely wanted to “get back” at her, somehow, for her constant antics of throwing me under buses. Hypnotizing her seemed like suitable revenge, even if I wasn’t going to do anything. Don’t ask me; it just felt like it!

So we stand and I do the induction.

It’s my first time doing it – I’ve certainly seen it countless times, but I’ve never actually done it before, and I botch a few small parts of it. Even still, MentalConfetti’s head falls forward at the right time and had I gone into a proper deepener I know I could’ve gotten her into a sufficiently deep state for trancework. As it is, when I wake her up she tells me she was halfway there already, and I make a few more mental notes about what to do right the next time. I look around the room.

At this point, I have no idea if anyone else attempted the induction. AmHypnotic calls us back to the circle and asks, again, if there are any questions on what just happened. The room is oddly quiet, until someone speaks up, asking if there could be a small bit of a “101” type explanation for those who were completely new to the entire idea of hypnosis. AmHypnotic agrees; the majority of people in the room hadn’t been to his “introduction” class. And he launches into a slightly abbreviated version of what I know is his “hypnosis for beginners” speech.

After a small bit of the basics (what trance is and similar ideas), there is a timid inquiry into what hypnosis can be used for, especially in an erotic sense.  AmHypnotic grins, and begins to talk about different triggers and does a small explanation of post-hypnotic suggestions. He’s mentioning all the key points, how one can mess with all five senses in a lot of different ways, and then he pauses for a moment.

“For example,” he says, and then looks at me, and in that split second I feel my face flush and my pulse pick up in anticipation, because I know what he’s doing; he’s demoing one of the few triggers he’s left with me from previous fun; he’s going to—


I jolt, feeling a hard thwack of an open palm striking my bare ass. Except it’s not bare; I’m sitting in a chair wearing shorts. I manage a glare at him and bite my lips nervously as the wave of arousal hits me almost instantaneously.

“Ooh, she’s turning red!” says MentalConfetti, smiling.

“Shut up!” I say, in a voice octaves above my usual one. AmHypnotic laughs evilly.

“For example,” he says again, “A snap of the fingers—” and he does it again and I struggle not to make noise “—can be felt as a spank.” And the rest of the room catches on as he continues on his merry fricking way with his talk.

Through the rest of his speech, he’ll glance at me every so often with that look and snap his fingers again, and every time I’ll near bite through my lip, trying not to squeak or moan as I feel the resulting impact. I’d be completely dishonest if I said it wasn’t hot as hell every single time. I love being spanked, I love being hypnotically triggered, and I totally secretly but not so secretly love a bit of subtle (shush, that’s what I tell myself) public play.

In the middle of his talk, he digresses a bit.

“For a lot of people who are beginning to learn hypnosis,” he says, “the hard part – or the part that’s hardest to think about – is the induction. You see a lot of people who will get someone into trance and go ‘YAY, I did it! ...Now what?’ And as you progress you’ll see that the induction is the easy part.

“I mean, with some people,” he says, walking past me, “you can just go ‘sleep!’ and they’ll just drop...” And there I am blinking my eyes and yelling at my brain for starting to trance without thinking about it.

MentalConfetti giggles and I feel a pang of dread. “She almost just went under when you said that!” I blush bright red and squeak at her to shut up. I can feel AmHypnotic grinning behind me, and then he comes over and is touching my head—

Sleep!” he says, pulling it gently down, and I just let go, deep into trance. I think there is laughter in the room, and he wakes me up almost immediately after so that I can blush and glare and laugh along with everyone else.

After a little bit more explanation, he decides to start do bit of myth-busting, as is basically customary to do in a 101 setting. After explaining a few of the common misconceptions, he wonders aloud if there’s anything else he should say, and if anyone had any questions.

“Are you gonna turn me into a chicken?” I ask sarcastically, when the room is quiet. He laughs, and then I see MentalConfetti’s face light up and begin to worry slightly.

She gives AmHypnotic a look and says, “Can we?!”

Loudly, perhaps shrilly, “I do not consent to being turned into a chicken! I might do cat or something; I wouldn’t do chicken.”

AmHypnotic is grinning himself. MentalConfetti still has the look on her face, though slightly less enthused than before, and I wonder what I just agreed to before he goes back to the lecture.


After he’s done and has answered the few questions that have popped up (and snapped a few well-timed snaps), and he decides that the 101 talk is over, I glare at him pointedly.

“I’m glaring at you,” I say, as I would if we were online, “I know you can see it now but I’m telling you anyways that I’m glaring at you.”

“Oh, is that so?” He grins and comes over to my chair, and crouches behind it so I am looking/glaring over the back of it, slightly down at him.


He’s staring back up at me, amusedly, and I’m looking into his eyes.

“...Look, I’m taller than you!” I say, after realizing I’ve been quiet for slightly too long. My heart pounds; that came out squeakier than I intended.

“Staring contest?” MentalConfetti says.

“Yeah!” I exclaim, grateful for the break in tension, and trying to be funny. I promptly, a fraction of a fraction of a second too late, realize my mistake.


Kicking myself and knowing I’m probably already starting to blush, I stare into his eyes.

...His clear, deep eyes, feeling like they can see right into me, right through me, as they harden, and I blink. He might be talking, I can’t really tell. Other people might be talking, too. I want to say I remember someone saying something about losing staring contests. I want to say I remember him speaking softly about his eyes to me. But I’m not sure.

I’m lost in his gaze and I can feel trance starting to flood my brain and heat starting to pool more quickly between my legs. I try, once or twice, to look away, and maybe even succeed, but he knows and I know that I want to keep staring, keep falling... drifting... deep down... letting go, eyes locked on his...

That delicious pull, and trying to stay awake, just so I can keep... focusing...

Sleep,” he says, pulling my head down, and I let trance take me and yield to him completely.

“Good girl,” I hear him say, and he murmurs and whispers about how I’m falling deeper... and deeper down... Just like that...

“We’re going to do something simple,” he says, “So the next time you take a drink of water, you can taste it as that lovely sour flavor you’ve had before, until we leave this space, OK?”

“Yes,” I whisper, and I can feel my mind making it happen.

“Waking up on the count of five...”

After he wakes me up, I sigh contentedly, smile, and promptly go over to get some water. He laughs. Now, this is a suggestion we’ve done before – making plain water taste like various different things, some delicious, like sour candy, and some... weird, like chicken and steak. But the sour flavor is like a “reward” he’s given me in the past, and I grin as I take a sip and swallow and run my tongue around my mouth to taste it.

He decides that now is the time for a short break.


AmHypnotic decides shortly after that is the time to trance SpringofHope, since he didn’t before. He pulls out his pocketwatch, I feel heat creep into my cheeks and shift nervously.

I am such a sucker for those things. It’s embarrassing, really. But it’s such a universal symbol for hypnosis, and carries such heavy connotations.

He stands before SpringofHope, and starts to swing it in front of his eyes. I shift in my seat a bit.

“Keep your eyes locked on the watch,” AmHypnotic says, in true cliché hypnotist fashion. And he begins the induction.

After some patter and talk, he tells SpringofHope to close his eyes and focus on the voice he’s hearing. And then, coiling the chain of the watch around his fingers a bit, AmHypnotic says something about how SpringofHope is an auditory person.

AmHypnotic swings the watch next to one ear, then the other, then behind and in front and alternating places, and my face lights up, realizing what an awesome idea that is. SpringofHope is making faces although he’s trying to figure out where the ticking is coming from. Through all of this, AmHypnotic is deepening the trance that’s begun to emerge. I blink my eyes and realize how long it’s been since the last blink.

After a few moments of this, SpringofHope is brought up, and I take the resulting “Questions?” opportunity to babble gleefully about how cool the auditory thing AmHypnotic did was. I love simple little techniques like that, with a hint of focus and confusion. I quite like the concept as a subject but am utterly fascinated from the perspective of a ‘tist and onlooker.

But he comes over and stands behind my chair, and I feel very small and red-cheeked.

“So like this?” he asks, the tease back in his voice. I’m looking straight ahead, trying to keep a straight, possibly mildly amused face, but he’s swinging the watch around my head, and my brain is tracking the source of the ticking. I shift, nervously, ever so slightly. I can only see it at the top of my peripheral vision when it passes, but my mind has focused on its quiet, rhythmic sound. At first I try not to focus too hard, because I would lose it too fast, but eventually, I let myself, and I don’t remember but maybe AmHypnotic has commented on the sound...

A hand on my head, gently nudging it forward. If I remember correctly, I don’t think he even says a word.

And yet my mind has dropped down. He wakes me up again, after just a moment, and I am left to blink and smile sheepishly as he goes to sit back down.


We’ve gotten somewhat off-topic now, still talking about hypnosis but more anecdotal and theoretical discussion. Sharing stories, ideas, everything.

And then he looks over at me. “Sleepingirl, you remember that meowing thing we did, right? How you couldn't talk, as much as you tried to, you could only meow? You remember that pretty well, don't you; it's easy, right?"

In the middle of this speech, I begin to glare at him, because his voice has shifted slightly, into one of his suggestive voices. I can already feel that my brain’s rearranged itself before he’s even done talking, and I glare more.

“Right?” he asks again, smirking. I shake my head and pull an imaginary zipper over my lips in faux-anger. “Nope, come on.”

“...meow.” (‘Fuck you.’)

“That’s what I thought.” I glare at him, and MentalConfetti, who’s grinning at me as well.

Meoow!” (‘Fuck you too, MentalConfetti!’)

After a bit of laughter from the room, and me pouting / meowing, he walks over to me.

He drops me with a stupidly fast “induction”. I have been going in and out of trance all day, and I’m ready to go under with him at the drop of a hat. I think he simply comes over and says “sleep” and maybe tilts my head down and that’s it for me. Deep trance, letting go, so simple and easy and quick.

There’s a tiny bit of deepening patter, and me nodding to consent that it’s alright if I wake up as a kittygirl. He gives me the suggestion, and then proceeds to wake me up.

I debated how to write this part out, if it should be from my perspective then or looking back on how it must’ve looked. Throughout the whole thing, my headspace was quite different than usual. I... felt like a cat. I don’t know how else to say it. My thoughts were stunted at best – I felt only reactions to immediate stimulus, and very rarely as “words” in my head. The way I expressed myself felt very automatic.

“1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.” And on 5, I feel his hands scritching my head and neck, and I instinctively arch up into it, pleased beyond belief.

Happy scritchy smileeee

“Good kitty,” he says.

Praise yay!


He walks over to sit down again, and as I watch him go, I see MentalConfetti in my field of vision.


Meowww,” I say cheerfully, and go in to headbutt her. She returns it, chittering away in her own speech.

Happy happy happy AHHH

She then dangles a braid in front of my face. It’s enticing, moving.

Hit hit kill play!

I swat at it a few times, before she holds her hand out as though she’s holding something between her fingers. I look at the space intently. She moves her fingers as if to throw whatever imaginary thing she’s holding—

THING gotta get it

and she makes as though she’s tossed “it” across the room and I watch to see where it’s gone—

nothing there

And I look at her inquisitively. This repeats once more until I hear a curious scratching noise coming from AmHypnotic’s direction.


I’m staring intently at him, ears perked, as much as MentalConfetti is trying to get my attention, I’ve lost interest because—

SOUND what is that SOUND

I crawl off the chair and over to AmHypnotic to investigate, hearing the sound again and seeing a glimpse of his fingers moving to the other side, and then hearing it come from there.


Upon crawling around the back and seeing his fingers make the sound, my curiosity is sated and I move back to the middle of the carpet, and meow at him, then at MentalConfetti, and headbutt her leg for scritchies.

YAY pet pet pet happyyyy

And my hands have begun kneading at the carpet. She gets up and walks over to the table, and I meow after her, watching closely. She takes a paper towel from the roll sitting there and crumples it up, then grins and tosses it to me.


But after batting it about a few times it becomes uninteresting to me again and I flop down on the floor, kneading the carpet again in hopes of getting more head scratches.

“And release,” says AmHypnotic.

I blink.


Cheeks warm, but grinning and giggling and giddy, I promptly get up and walk back over to my chair. We all laugh and AmHypnotic asks what that was like, and I reply.

“Fun as hell and really, really cool!”

And it was. I honestly didn’t think I’d find it as enjoyable as I did. But feeling my brain make that shift and just letting that happen was one of the most awesome things I’ve ever tried. Not sexually, but just... fun! Hilariously so. It was like playing pretend, but also not, and getting wholly lost in the experience.

(And a quick, humorous aside: I recently told my friends / roommates about some of my adventures with AmHypnotic, including this one and the “flat cat” from hypnoclub. Because of this, they have begun to refer to me [affectionately, tongue-in-cheek] as “cat fucker”. Go figure. lol)

After all the ridiculous fun that was had, AmHypnotic says we can have a chance for some open practice time. I sit back in my chair, grinning, and one of the people in the room, ctjohn, comes over and asks if he can trance me. I say “sure!” He tells me to get comfortable in my chair, and that in a moment, he’s going to tap me on the forehead and I’m going to go into an incredibly deep trance.

Sure! says my brain. I watch his hand come to my face, feel him tap my forehead, and then slip down deep into hypnosis, simple as that.

“Very good,” I hear him say, “and now I’m going to give you an incredible deepener, the most effective deepener in the world. You get to have one minute of silence, and in that minute you can go just as deep as you like, and then come out of trance. Do you understand?”

My head nods.

“Alright, you can start now.”

And so I sit there, head bowed, eyes closed, and feel myself just float deeper with every moment. It’s soothing, calming, lovely, and I let myself have the experience. There is talking around me – I think some people are leaving, some people are commenting on my hair perhaps, some people are saying how easy it is to get me into trance. But none of it really matters to me. I just keep... letting go... into my own mind...

And then my brain tells me that it’s been a minute, give or take, and I start to bring myself back up. I open my eyes and stretch and smile and notice that there is only seven of the ten or so people left.

“Wow,” ctjohn says, “You really went deep!” I grin.

“Yup. Been fractionating all day, and trancing is pretty easy for me!”

“Care to return the favor?”

I blink, as his question took me slightly by surprise. But why not! I was enjoying my practice time so far, and one can always use more!

“Sure,” I say cheerfully, “But do you mind if I have a moment? I’m still a little out of it.” We both laugh, and I take a sip of my (delicious sour candy) water.

After a moment, we move to a quiet corner of the room, and he tells me what he’s like as a subject. He says he’s usually a tough subject, but fractionation works well for him, and that he’d like a suggestion that lets him become a better subject the more he practices.

A small challenge, I think, but should be easy enough! This’ll be good for me.

“Alright,” I say, and we begin.

I do a freeform trance with parts from the Elman, beginning with getting the customary eye catalepsy, and some deepening patter from there. It seems as though there’s a sort of fractionation for a hypnotist’s trance, as well, because my getting my “trancing” persona and getting into that “zone” is a quick and simple slip for me. My pacing feels spot-on; my attentiveness to his reactions, expressions, body language, and breathing is at an extreme.

From there I decide to go the route of fractionation which is also used in the Elman – telling the person to open their eyes, coming up just slightly, and then closing them again and noticing how easy it is to go down that much deeper. This time, I do what I would normally do with the Elman (that I hadn’t done with SpringofHope) – hold my hand in front of their eyes as they’re opening them, to give them a point of focus, and bring it down as I tell the subject to close them. I fractionate, spacing some deepening between each one, maybe five or six times.

Towards the last few eye-closings, I begin to intersperse patter regarding ease of trance on the long term. I’m explaining to him, logically, how he can feel it getting easier to trance between each open and close of his eyes, and how his performance as a subject is already improving right now. How it’ll be easy to apply the things he knows helps in future trances, how he knows that subjects who trance frequently really do improve.

After a 10 minute trance or so, I count him up from one to five, and we talk a bit about how he felt.

“Your technique is great!” he says, and I can feel my ego swell and my face light up. He reiterates that he’s a tough subject, and that he was paying a lot of (read: perhaps too much) attention to my technique, but that he did trance and he did enjoy it. I can practically feel my brain logging the mental notes. We rejoin what’s left of the group – AmHypnotic talking to KatherineKatzen (who, though I haven’t mentioned this before, I have seen at a kink event or two in my local area!) and her Daddy, Fox_Prince, while SpringofHope practices with MentalConfetti as a subject.

And it’s after a bit of casual “what-nerdy-shows-do-you-watch”-type conversation that we begin to discuss dinner / munch plans. It’s around 5 pm, at this point, and knowing that we’re going to be leaving, I try to drink and savor as much of my water-but-tasty-water as I can, though I must say that it is hard to chug sour candy water.

Ctjohn decides to leave us, and the now-six of us get in our separate cars and drive to a local diner. We have some wonderful food and chatter and bonding time, and everything feels natural and right in the world. I know I’ve said this before, but the camaraderie of a munch with solely hypno-inclined folks is just one of the best atmospheres I’ve been in. Simply the ability to talk freely, in real life, about hypnosis, is a treat. In a relaxed environment, fairly publicish, making fun jokes? I feel spoiled.

And of course, we have to part at some point. But as we leave the restaurant, AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti and I nail down plans for after my birthday when I can finally visit the BDSM dungeon near us. Blog post from that one, I’m sure, will be ridiculous.


And, visiting my family a week later:

“sleepingirl, what’s that giant scrape on your knee from?”

Crawling off of a chair because I thought I was a cat.

“Oh, I fell.”



  1. I think it's amazingly sexy how you love going under due to the pocket watch, and how tracing makes you sleepy...great post.

  2. Thank you for replying, you have a great blog. My favorite part was when you knew you were going to be hypnotized when your "master" stared into your eyes. Do you love his gaze? Do you try to fight going under and getting sleepy?