Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My First Time at a Dungeon, feat. AmHypnotic and SpringofHope, or, Happy Birthday to Me feat. Hypnosis and Rope

Fondly known, sometimes, by my friends and I as “that time I went to a BDSM dungeon”.

August 5th was my 21st birthday, and for a while now I have been planning on going to the dungeon near me, where you need to be 21 or older to get in. AmHypnotic approved of this plan and told me he (and MentalConfetti) would be there on the 11th. I marked the date down in my calendar, and waited.

And before I knew it, I was on the highway to get there, bursting with excitement and singing along merrily and obnoxiously to my “I’m driving” playlist.

I park and walk in. On the room to my left I see AmHypnotic sitting on a couch, and we grin and exchange hellos. I pay, get my “sponsor” card, and a man called DaSade beckons me over and invites me to the tour he was giving a few other first-timers.

“Why are you nervous?” he asks, smiling. I snort.

“I’m not nervous,” I say, “I mean. It’s sort of my first time in a dungeon, so I guess I’m a bit apprehensive...”

I feel a playful slap on my ass and look over my shoulder to see a grinning AmHypnotic. My face goes red and, just like that, I’m wet. He hadn’t snapped. That was just a real spank.

Holy fuck.

“You!” I squeak. Everyone laughs, I blush more, there’s a tiny bit of playful banter. I see MentalConfetti at the other end of the hall, wave frantically, she rushes towards me and nearly cracks my ribs in a hug, chittering.

And then we really begin the tour, AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti following along.

The space is huge. There is the main playspace, with a couple St. Andrew’s crosses, things for suspension bondage, and various other equipment which I simply cannot identify. There’s two quiet rooms, two half-lounges, a room with wax equipment, room for medical play... It’s big, and impressive, and kind of intimidating. I can’t imagine being there without some people I know.

Through the tour, MentalConfetti is poking me and playing with my hair, and she braids it up, which I learn, later, is so that people can see my face when I blush. Which of course, makes me blush. Have I mentioned she’s a back-seat sadist?

After that half of the tour (which was the second for the rest of the group, but I was late), AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti are sitting on a couch, and DaSade is talking to him and holding a paddle. AmHypnotic asks to see it, and then motions for me to turn around.

Blushing, I obey, and feel the hard thwacks on my ass. It’s a stingy paddle, and while I think I prefer thuddy, the fact that it’s AmHypnotic doing this is making me blush and want to squirm. And after a few snaps of his fingers, my face is bright red, and I’m trying to hide behind my hands. AmHypnotic smiles and pats the couch between him and MentalConfetti, and I go sit down.

They hug me, and I calm down a bit, giggling. But AmHypnotic is just sort of constantly running hands along me and it’s not long before I’m all blushy and squirmy again. DaSade comes over and motions for me to finish the tour, and we do so, before sitting down for potluck dinner and “circle”. AmHypnotic is making frequent, obnoxiousbutnotreally use of the “snaps = spanks” trigger through the entire thing.

After that is the “101” talk we newbies have to have in order to go to future events unattended, and I get my card signed off on. And then I find MentalConfetti, and AmHypnotic, and SpringofHope, who had arrived while I was in the 101.

MentalConfetti is wearing a skirt, jangly anklet, and a chainmail bra, and she brings me over and gives me her corset to change into. Once it’s on, I come out from the changing room and sit on the floor across from AmHypnotic and SpringofHope on the couch, and MentalConfetti standing beside them.

AmHypnotic motions to MentalConfetti to go get something, and she bounces over to his bag and retrieves a small, black, fabric-y looking thing. It’s only when AmHypnotic unravels it and begins to put it on his hand do I realize that it’s the vibrating glove he had at Hypnoclub. Hearing it buzz to life makes heat rush between my legs and to my cheeks.

He’s teasing MentalConfetti with it, and I watch with what I know are eager eyes. I never really get to see the two of them play together, and I have to admit, I rather enjoy it. And then he motions for me to come over. Nervously, I shuffle over on my knees and plop down a couple feet away from him. He gives me a look and I blush and avert my gaze and then shuffle closer.

And then he’s touching my breasts with it, and I blush and gasp, averting my eyes. He snaps a couple times, lets his gloved hand roam across my body, just teasing for a brief moment between my legs before smirking and turning it off again. I sit back down on the floor, cheeks red, curling into myself a bit. AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti laugh, and I pout but grin inwardly.

“You know,” AmHypnotic says, after a small bit of chatter between the three of us, “I bet sleepingirl would be up for some rope...” I try not to seem too excited when I smile and agree, glancing at SpringofHope. As I’ve mentioned before, SpringofHope is a rope guy, and to be honest I had considered the possibility that he would be there and I might be able to ask for some rope. It had been somewhere around 3 months since my last (first!) rope scene with mephki, and I was kind of eager to try again.

He asks me if I have ever done or want to try suspension. I’m apprehensive, but intrigued. I have a pretty bad fear of heights, but it would be done on a winch and I could be let down fairly quickly if I wanted to be, so I agree. He gets his gear, and we move out into the main room. AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti follow to watch.

SpringofHope says that he knows I liked hemp rope, and I nod sheepishly, and watch him get out all of his rope and equipment from a bag. I remove my corset, so that everything will go a bit more smoothly, and am left in just my bra and shorts. We decide that I’ll be suspended face-up. He grabs what I guess is 6mm hemp, and begins to tie a simple chest harness, but leaving my arms outside of it.

I’m so pleased by the feeling of hemp on me again, I’m grinning nervously but happily. He uses more rope to tie a harness around my hips, and around my legs a bit, and tells me to stand under the winch, which he’s attached a large ring to. He attaches a rope to my chest harness and loops it through, and I can feel the pull of it, pleasantly. Then, after attaching more rope to various places, he tells me that he’s going to pull me up and suspend me, and that I won’t fall over because the ropes are holding me.

I trust him, and he pulls the first ropes on my legs and let them take me up. He grabs my legs as they go up, and quickly, with focused intensity, ties me there.

And I’m suspended. It’s scary, at first, but having both my arms free really helps. I’m touching the ropes with my hands and feeling them there makes me feel bizarrely secure, and I’m reminded of the time with mephki. Rope = a sense of safety, for me, I suppose even hanging from the ceiling. After a few moments, I’m calm and content and feeling quite, quite happy. Though I’m not a fan of spinning around too much.

I’ve heard the term “ropespace” thrown around before, and it’s perhaps because of that that I feel it happening. It feels almost like trance, but with a different “flavor”, so to speak. A focus on the feeling of those ropes holding me tight, the dull painbutgoodpain, the knowledge that I’m participating in a wonderful exchange between two people, and that SpringofHope is taking care of me.

I sigh, and run my fingers along the ropes. Even the little “checks” that SpringofHope does, poking my skin in various places to ensure proper circulation, are comforting, and just simply lovely.

After a little while of just hanging there, smiling, giggling, wiggling a bit (and watching AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti watching me, and them him teasing her some) SpringofHope decides to untie me and let me feel the ground again.

As soon as the ropes come off, I immediately run my fingers along the marks the rope made on my skin, and sigh, smiling.

“Doesn’t look like these will bruise though, that’s a shame,” I say, but still grinning.

“Oh,” SpringofHope says, “I was trying to make it comfortable for you!” I laugh.

“Yeah, I actually like the feeling of rope biting into me. Rope-pain is different than other pain.”

He gives a small smile and says that he’ll remember that. I giggle, momentarily thinking of what that means for any future play.

And then I catch AmHypnotic’s gaze, and he gives me a look and motions me over, smirking.

I walk over, feeling my pussy drip a little bit with each step. He snakes a hand around me and rests it on the small of my back (my bare fucking skin), and I am biting my lip and trying to avert my eyes, a small, nervous smile on my face. His hand wanders to grope my ass a bit and it’s all I can do not to moan out.

I’m averting my gaze as much as I can but it’s clear he’s trying to look me in the eyes, and eventually  I give in; staring... his forehead touching mine... and I let that happen as his hands roam gently over my body... just falling... watching... giving it to him... giving it all to him, and knowing he is taking it from me...

“MentalConfetti,” he says softly, still staring into my eyes as I return it, transfixed, mouth slightly open, “will you check the quiet rooms?”

I think she goes to check them and comes back “empty-handed”, so to speak. Somehow, we end up in the “bar area”, at one of the back tables. He’s sitting in a chair next to me, and he holds my chin and looks me in the eyes again. Every minute shift I make, nervously, excitedly, reminds me of how fucking wet I am.

Until I am lost in his eyes once more, and he whispers into my ears, into my mind, telling me to keep my eyes open... Because with every moment that passes I can feel myself giving him more control, as I stare, as he takes it from me... And yes, he’s murmuring that to me, as I’m giving in...

It’s hot. It’s really really really fucking hot. My body is burning with desire as my mind goes fuzzy, letting his words into my head and just accepting them fully. My eyes open, blankly locked on his through the whole exchange only makes everything more intense.

And after I’m sure that everything has reached its plateau and peak...

Whispered to me, echoing around and around, “Orgasm NOW.”

My pussy throbs and clenches and throbs, I can’t remember if my eyes are open or shut, and I let it take me, fully. Shuddering, spent in the chair, coming out of trance, breathing heavily, he asks me, demands quietly, that I look him in the eyes again.

Instantly fixated, feeling my previous trance threatening itself on me again, his eyes piercing mine.

“Orgasm NOW,” he says again, with just as much intensity as before, and the utter shock of it forces a moan from my throat and everything to tense up once more.

As I’m coming down from that, he’s rubbing my shoulders, gently, to help me regain my calm.

His hand is on my thigh, and my legs part, seemingly all on their own. I’m embarrassed by how badly I want his touch, but it doesn’t stop me from near-begging for it with my body language. Thankfully though, he doesn’t say much, just grins and I feel his fingertips slip between my legs, over my shorts, over my clit and rubbing, just right, somehow just how I like it... I’m moaning, my hips are moving all on their own, my whole body feels hot and strung tight because he’s fucking touching me and it feels so damn good... His free hand is running along my shoulders and chest, and I’m digging my nails into the fabric of the chair.

He moves so that we’re facing each other, using the pad of his thumb on my clit, making gentle, perfect circles that are causing shudders to run through my whole body. My brain is still fixated on “holyfuckingshitthisisactuallyhappening”, and each time I dully realize that, it sends a jolt of heat down my spine. All the while, during those lovelyhotcircles around my clit, his other hand is groping my breasts, tweaking my nipples through the bra, slapping and squeezing and making me moan at his touch...

And then he shifts and puts his knee between my legs, against my pussy, and he’s using both hands to run over my body as I grind against it. I’m moaning uncontrollably, hot and wet and losing control in a different way, a pleasurable way. It’s been a goddamn long time since anyone’s done this to me.

He pulls his knee back and goes back to using his thumb for a bit, other hand in constant contact with my body, and driving me sincerely crazy. My body is rubbing into his hand, all on its own, and I can barely look him in the eye because of how flushed I know I am.

In the midst of this, all of a sudden, he takes his hand away briefly and gently slaps my pussy a few times, surprising me and making me unable to suppress my reaction. That’s fucking hot; no one has done that to me in so very long and I forgot how arousing it was. He gives me a look that says, “Oh yes, I noticed that,” and I want to curl up into a ball, but instead, my legs part further, and he goes back to giving my hot, needy clit attention.

It’s not long before I’m shaking with pleasure, and begging for something, anything. He fixes me with his eyes, in the way that demands I return it. He gives me a small smirk, starts to slap me between the legs again, and commands, “orgasm NOW.”


Thoroughly spent, panting, sweating, I slump down in the chair, and he rubs my shoulder gently and asks MentalConfetti to go get us both glasses of water. I sip it gratefully and reflect, briefly on the situation I’m in – sweaty body a puddle in a chair in a BDSM dungeon, sitting next to AmHypnotic after he’s given me three orgasms.


We all have a bit more food and chatter merrily, and then I sheepishly ask SpringofHope if he’d tie me up again, since I didn’t get to have my arms bound in the suspension. He agrees, we move out back into the main room for some floor rigging (aka, not suspension), and he goes to get his bag o’ ropes.

Upon returning, he asks, “So, would you just like to be tied up, or...?”

I wibble slightly; I know the gist of what he’s asking, but not specifically.

“Let me put it this way,” he says, “Just tying, or tying-plus?”

I give a smile.

“Tying-plus,” I say, kind of quietly. He smiles at me, and gets out the hemp from before.

I put my arms into the position for a box tie, like the one mephki did, and the one I’d spent far too long thinking about. And he begins.

It’s different when he ties me like this. It’s much more sensual, though with the same technical precision as before. But when he passes the rope over me, he will sometimes run his fingers along, both to inspect and to tease, slightly. Despite that I know AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti are watching, I’m caught up in our scene; SpringofHope quietly demands my attention with the hemp and his hands.

I’m already biting down on the embarrassed smile by the time he’s finished with the box tie harness. He checks the tension by pulling on the knots in the back, and I suck in a small breath at the feeling of the rope getting a little bit tighter.

He goes to get more rope and ties knots for what I know is a karada harness. The running ends go down my torso and between my legs, and he pulls them under and behind me, pulling up on them gently and causing my pussy to throb a little at the feeling of rope against it. He is being quite sensual without really touching any erogenous zones, and that’s something that I really quite like.

The harness is finished, and goes over to pick up another bundle of rope.

“More rope?” I ask incredulously, almost breathlessly, smiling a bit.

“There’s always room for more rope,” he says, grinning. I blush a bit.

He ties the next one to attach to the rope that’s run over my pussy, then pulls on it slightly, and I gasp softly at the way it rubs against things.

He looks up at me, smiles, and says, “You can hold this.”

I open my mouth, and he places it between my teeth. I realize quickly that if I pull up with my head, it rubs against me in a pleasurable way. The fact that I’m controlling it, the fact that it’s obvious what I’m doing to everyone, even though my hands are nowhere near my pussy, is humiliating and hot as hell. I’m trying to be subtle about it, but I know he can tell as he ties more rope on me.

By the time he’s satisfied with the amount of rope on me, there are 4 bundles tied on me, and I can feel it, skin super-sensitive to its touch, with every small shift, every breath. SpringofHope appraises his handiwork, and I’m suddenly quite aware of how shallow my breathing is, and the color of my cheeks.

Eventually, after a tiny bit more ropey play, he unties me, and I hug him, once again admiring the marks on me.

“More rope later?” he or I asks. I can’t remember who, but the other person said “yes”.

I look over at AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti, who have been once again watching and doing their own thing, and smile at them, and they smile back, and then I smile at SpringofHope and we all smile and everything ever is just fantastic.

We go to get more food and water, and socialize with a ton of the people there, including DaSade, again. It’s getting kind of late at this point, and AmHypnotic remarks that he’s going to go and take a nap. We all go into the lounge, he and MentalConfetti and I take the couch, and SpringofHope follows us.

SpringofHope looks at me and asks, “Rope?”

“Rope!” I reply, and we go back out to the main room, to the winch that I had become familiar with after the first suspension, this time, just the two of us.

He pauses for a moment, and says that he thinks he has an idea of something I’ll like, then grabs rope and begins to tie what he tells me is a gunslinger harness, around my hips and thighs. We see MentalConfetti coming over, and I wave gleefully.

We chat a tiny bit as I let SpringofHope work his ropey magic. I realize that all of the ties and harnesses he’s doing are shifted to one side, somehow, and I can guess what that means. He’s going to suspend me sideways. I wonder to myself what that will be like.

The ropes he’s put on me feel wonderful, as always, and he tells me to stand under the winch, and that one leg will go up before the other. I grin at him and say “OK!”

One leg, lifted up, rope biting into everything, and then the other, and I’m hanging there, and it feels like I’m flying. I just have an incredible amount of joy, my body slightly higher at my feet than my head, and hanging there, left side down, holding the ropes supporting me with my right hand.

I don’t even have that slight bit of nervousness that I did with the first suspension. Just a wonderous feeling of freedom, and that child-like elation that you might feel if you’re swinging on a swingset.

I beam at SpringofHope and he smiles back at me, and then says, “Here, I think you’ll like this.” He takes my left arm, and I momentarily protest – it’s horribly fun for me to have both arms to dangle about, but I decide to try it anyways. He ties my arm almost like an icecream cone, and somehow it’s the perfect platform to my head to rest on.

I’m wiggling in the air, half in happiness, half to see if I can’t make some of those ropes bruise me a bit. The feeling of them biting into my skin is simply incredible, this wonderful dull pain that isn’t too overwhelming and makes me feel simply alive. My nerves and braincells sing out in sheer delight.

SpringofHope checks my fingers and pokes my legs a bit, and I just close my eyes and sigh softly, still grinning. Lying there, floating, peacefully in midair. We all chat a tiny bit, with me like that, but soon it is time for me to be let down.

I want to jump-hug SpringofHope, but settle for just a normal one.

“Thank you,” I say, smiling at him.

“Thank you,” he says back.

And then I run to a mirror to see if I have any bruises or marks.

I may have literally given a small cry of joy to see the evidence the rope left.

For the next couple days.


I left soon after, giving more hugs to SpringofHope, MentalConfetti, and AmHypnotic, and saying goodbye and thank you to everyone I got to meet. The hour-long drive home at 1 am was filled with much going back and forth between singing loudly and trying to figure out how the heck to write down this entire experience. In the days that followed, many attempts to write the damn thing ended... less productively than I wanted, because I would start thinking about everything too much and get... distracted.

Suffice to say, I am most likely going back next month.

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