Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So I Wrote this Thing...

Because this is what I do when I’m horny, instead of being productive and working on actual blog posts. Some original... fictional... content?? This is blasphemy! ...Yyyyeah, OK, I wrote this to get myself off. This isn’t good fiction. This is just masturbatory stream-of-consciousness, took me less than an hour to write. Figured I'd share anyways!


In retrospect, maybe going to the bar alone was a mistake.

These are the dazed thoughts that floated into her mind as she sat, passively, blindfolded, in the backseat of a vehicle she had never seen. Bizarrely, she felt no fright, just... curiosity. And dim frustration at the fact that she wasn’t feeling panic.

Weakly, she tested to see if she could move her arms. But as much as she thought about trying to move them, it was like her limbs weren’t responding to her, filled with a pleasantly tingly fuzz, and happy to stay that way. She stopped trying and sighed at that sensation as it filled her, for a moment.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Second Dungeon Visit: Prologue, feat. AmHypnotic, MentalConfetti, and... Confusing Sexuality

After my first visit to our local BDSM dungeon with AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti (and a special appearance by SpringofHope), I knew that I’d want to go again. So I made plans to go to the next month’s potluck night, 9/8/12, and found myself bouncing off the walls in joy. MentalConfetti and I had talked extensively about possibly meeting earlier to go to the mall nearby for an outfit or two, and then exploring the “adult novelties” shop as well for funsies.

However, this post needs a bit of a prologue in the form of a snippet or two and an anecdote.

Perhaps a week or so before we were going to the dungeon, MentalConfetti was visiting AmHypnotic, and the three of us were voice chatting. MentalConfetti, as per usual, was “vroom vrooming” to throw me under the bus (read: get AmHypnotic to be “mean” to me), and he certainly took that chance. There was some lovely hypnotic fun that went on, and then, at the end...


I can feel the pleasure intensifying, growing stronger as I shake and moan and hear him speak. He’s upping all of the sensations with his voice, and I’m lost to it, waves and waves wracking my body.