Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So I Wrote this Thing...

Because this is what I do when I’m horny, instead of being productive and working on actual blog posts. Some original... fictional... content?? This is blasphemy! ...Yyyyeah, OK, I wrote this to get myself off. This isn’t good fiction. This is just masturbatory stream-of-consciousness, took me less than an hour to write. Figured I'd share anyways!


In retrospect, maybe going to the bar alone was a mistake.

These are the dazed thoughts that floated into her mind as she sat, passively, blindfolded, in the backseat of a vehicle she had never seen. Bizarrely, she felt no fright, just... curiosity. And dim frustration at the fact that she wasn’t feeling panic.

Weakly, she tested to see if she could move her arms. But as much as she thought about trying to move them, it was like her limbs weren’t responding to her, filled with a pleasantly tingly fuzz, and happy to stay that way. She stopped trying and sighed at that sensation as it filled her, for a moment.

From somewhere in front of her, she heard muffled conversation between two male voices.

“...doesn’t need another...”

“...maybe just the headphones...”

Something about that phrase caused a lazy heat to settle in between her legs, one that she wanted to squirm against, one that she couldn’t squirm against. Want and desire crept into her, and she considered asking to have whatever they were talking about, but making those words seemed like just too much effort when it was so easy just to lie there... And perhaps they would give it to her anyways...

Snippets of muddled memory drifted into her semi-awareness, teasing her with images, flashes of feelings.

The taller, sociable man who wanted to buy her a drink.

The sweet, sweet taste of it on her tongue, abnormally syrupy and thick.

Her mind quietly exploding in bliss as she sipped it, as it poured into her thoughts. Wanting to just drop to her knees before his knowing grin.

She would have shuddered if she wasn’t so wonderfully limp. A small smile played across her lips, even blindfolded, at that realization.

And then all of a sudden, the car had stopped, strong but gentle hands were holding her head up, and she would have gasped in surprise if she cared.

“Shh, it’s OK,” soothed a voice, a familiar voice.

It’s... OK...

Something was being slipped over her ears, one at a time, and it muffled his comforting croons, giving the entire world a fuzzy quality, now. She waited passively. And then, slowly, she realized that there were new sounds going right into her ears, so close and so powerful and making her feel...


She could only catch a word here and there, she didn’t even know if there was talking or music or what, but it was flooding into her mind and making her feel ecstatic... Her body got fuzzier and her mind got fuzzier and ohhhh yes, that was nice...


That was a delicious feeling, creeping insidiously into her head, liquefying her thoughts, pleasuring her brain, because there was no other way to describe it. There was a low thrum of arousal through her body, one that she could do simply nothing about, and she lay there, each bump of the car making nerve endings fire off and stimulate her mind and body even more.

The words were overlayed, now, speaking into her right ear and her left ear and just slightly delayed and making her mind reel... So confusing, so muddling, so very, very good to just sit there and listen and accept and obey




Had she any control over her body she would have been panting and squirming and begging for more of those mind-numbing words, of that mind-numbing drink that made her feel so very obedient. But she was forced to lie, motionless, and just let her brain absorb. Dimly thrilled, so happy to have this happening to her, oh yes...


As her thoughts slowed even further and that warmth got even better...


She could just lose herself to it... She knew, somehow, she could...





  1. This is exactly how I write my sex scenes lol. It's just me engaging in an idea until it's so hot I can't stand it. If we as authors don't find it hot, chances are no one else will. And if we as authors find something hot, chances are lots of other people will do.

    So put simply, there is no better state to write the juicy parts with, than being our of your mind turned on yourself.

    I just always have to remember to proofread lol


    1. Lol exactly, those are my thoughts as well. I have the problem of having to wait a little while after I jot that sort of scene down to proofread.