Monday, October 8, 2012

The Second Dungeon Visit: Prologue, feat. AmHypnotic, MentalConfetti, and... Confusing Sexuality

After my first visit to our local BDSM dungeon with AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti (and a special appearance by SpringofHope), I knew that I’d want to go again. So I made plans to go to the next month’s potluck night, 9/8/12, and found myself bouncing off the walls in joy. MentalConfetti and I had talked extensively about possibly meeting earlier to go to the mall nearby for an outfit or two, and then exploring the “adult novelties” shop as well for funsies.

However, this post needs a bit of a prologue in the form of a snippet or two and an anecdote.

Perhaps a week or so before we were going to the dungeon, MentalConfetti was visiting AmHypnotic, and the three of us were voice chatting. MentalConfetti, as per usual, was “vroom vrooming” to throw me under the bus (read: get AmHypnotic to be “mean” to me), and he certainly took that chance. There was some lovely hypnotic fun that went on, and then, at the end...


I can feel the pleasure intensifying, growing stronger as I shake and moan and hear him speak. He’s upping all of the sensations with his voice, and I’m lost to it, waves and waves wracking my body.

And then I hear another set of moans, mirroring my own, coming from his microphone. MentalConfetti is making her own sounds of pleasure, feeling the effects of AmHypnotic’s words herself. The realization, accompanied by the noises I’m hearing, hits me with a thick, hot feeling of arousal.

“And I wonder if hearing each other’s sounds is just setting you off more,” he says, a smirk in his voice. And he’s right; hearing MentalConfetti respond in the same way that I am, hearing her moan, is making me almost go blind with arousal. Everything is throbbing and I can feel the sounds coming out of my own throat reach a fever pitch, and I hear her get louder as well, and it’s just ridiculously fucking hot to think of her trembling and feeling how I am in that moment...

Until he finally says the magic words.

“Orgasm now!”

And everything throbs, over and over and it’s so damn hot and I can’t even handle it, and I can hear her cumming too... And god is that a turn-on, and AmHypnotic is saying how hearing each other is extending it, making it longer and more intense and I’m cumming and she’s cumming and fuck, fuck fuck fuck FUCK...

Eventually we both calm down and have some lovely, silly, wonderful afterglow conversation. Both I and MentalConfetti confirm that the experience was quite enjoyable, and hearing her admit to that... Makes me feel pleasantly warm and tight in all the right places.


The next day I got a... rather interesting PM from MentalConfetti while we were in the chatroom together.

MentalConfetti: so... you may have changed my perception on a few things...
MentalConfetti: I might not be completely straight


sleepingirl: ...whaaaa? XD

And she proceeds to tell me that for the past month or two she’s been thinking about her sexuality, relating to watching AmHypnotic play with me, and my reactions, and how it might not be just the fact that AmHypnotic is involved.

I’m speechless, and dumbfounded, and completely and utterly taken by surprise. Suddenly, a few things click regarding some of AmHypnotic’s teasings; times when he would hint at the two of us mildly doing things, times when he would tease me or her about various related hypothetical encounters.

And shortly after that realization is another one.

We’re all meeting up and then going to the dungeon this weekend.



Needless to say, AmHypnotic and I chatted a bit about the subject in the hours and days following her “coming out” to me. None of it helped my eagerness for the weekend to arrive.

And then Saturday finally came, and I was sitting in the mall parking lot, calling AmHypnotic to tell him I was there and would wait for the two of them inside Macy’s.

I’m standing against the wall, fervently texting a friend some barely-comprehensible “OMGOMGOMG” messages, and I see AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti come in. I want to run up and hugtackle them, but I settle for a more casual, oh-right-we’re-in-public group hug. But I can’t wipe the shit-eating grin off my face the entire time we’re there.


More to come from this trip, certainly...


  1. Good to hear/read new stuff from your trips into the hypno fetish world... Thanks

  2. Can't wait to hear what happened once you were there. God your posts are hot , I L O V E them! W