Monday, November 19, 2012

The Second Dungeon Visit feat. A Recap, an Explanation, and an Apology



Basically in the last 3 months... tons stuff at the dungeon has happened, it has all been lots of fun. I was going to tell you in excruciating detail, and then work / life / stress happened, and I couldn't.  I'm being commanded to not stress about it, so I'm being a good obedient girl.

I apologize to my readers who wanted to see fully fleshed-out posts for all three of these, but the length of time that’s gone by makes it really difficult to get certain details on paper, and it’s preventing me from working on any current material.

That being said and out of the way, I still have 10+ pages of unfinishedish material on these three events I was going to write about. And I really do want to post some sort of summary or update on what the heck I've been getting up to. So this post will hopefully serve as a recap and summary of sorts of the first event, chronologically, with bits of the original posts put in. This post in particular was already almost finished... so it will probably be the closest to a fully-fledged narrative.

So, let’s begin where we left off... With MentalConfetti and AmHypnotic, at the mall and shopping for an outfit before an event, later that night, at the dungeon.

We wander over to the store’s dress section and begin picking through the racks. There is something so pleasing about this mundane-ness – such a contrast to the environment and manner that we would be interacting in usually. Sure, there’s the odd joke and comment here or there, but for the most part it’s just the three of us, shopping for a dress or two.

MentalConfetti and I headed to the fitting rooms once we had picked out a few, and I fell in love with a purple one (of course). I also bought a pair of matching purple underwear, which, comically, had a tiny pocket on the front that would be the subject of many jokes later (including one by the girl who rang up my clothes). With a (figuratively) shiny new outfit, I wander out astride the two of them, AmHypnotic poking MentalConfetti and I with his umbrella periodically. After a bit more meandering around the mall, we decide to go to a nearby “adult novelties” shop that MentalConfetti had heard about. Needless to say, that is fun and amusing as all hell (and I got a new “me” toy!), but it is soon time for us to head to the dungeon.

We arrive in our separate cars and walk in. The space seems much more familiar now, almost comfortable, in a way. Those that recognized me from the prior visit are quick to wave or hug. And I was especially pleased to say, as we do introductions after the potluck, “I’m sleepingirl, and this is not my first time here!”

But I’d like to back up a moment. Right after dinner, before introductions and “circle” – the time when announcements are made and whatnot – MentalConfetti says, “let’s go get dressed!” as we are still in our street clothes. I cheerfully agree, not having shown anyone other than her what it had looked like on me, and we make our way to the changing rooms and our bags.

I pop into one – basically just hanging fabric blocking off the corner of a room – and MentalConfetti follows me.

Welp, says my brain. Guess we’re getting semi-naked together.

I blushingly ask her to leave so I can take off my underwear, and I think she calls me silly and wanders off until I’ve put on at least the new panties. Still slightly flushed, I call her back in, and help her lace her corset after I’ve put on my dress. And then we wander out to be greeted by the eyes of AmHypnotic and a few others. He gives me a grope or a slap as we make our way back to the main space for Circle, and I squeak.

Circle is actually fairly important (and a bit long) because the event for the night is being explained. Yup, it was a themed night: “Crimes and Misdemeanors”. Various members have roles such as sheriff, judge, bail bondswoman, and a ton of others. Anyone attending this night can be “arrested” and put in “jail” – I learn, later, a section of a room blocked off with tables – and afterwards put on trial for possible punishment.

It would certainly make for some hilarious entertainment.

DaSade ends announcements and tells us to go and play, and I hold back a squee and settle for taking a breath and being in the moment, for just this moment; in the space and among friends.

A bit of chatter between him, AmHypnotic, and I later, AmHypnotic mentions to MentalConfetti that we should go back into the bag room. After we arrive and she pulls out her backpack, AmHypnotic puts his hand out expectantly, and she dutifully hands over a black, fabric...

Oh goodness.

He’s putting the glove onto his hand, one that I know from previous encounters. And he’s pressed a button near the wrist and it’s buzzing to life, and suddenly, for some strange, inexplicable reason, I am wet.

And for some strange, inexplicable reason, the touch of it to my skin makes me shiver and whimper.

Needless to say, some teasy funs were to be had. AmHypnotic is being mean with the glove and I’m squirming in place, shifting from one foot to the other as he runs it over my skin. Suddenly, MentalConfetti is behind me, holding my arms tight, and I can feel her evil grin over my shoulder.

After I’m reduced to a panting, melty puddle, the glove is on her, and now four hands are teasing me.


And then AmHypnotic is behind MentalConfetti, holding her arms behind her back, and he gives the glove to me.

“Hint,” he says, “The boning on a corset is really good for vibrations.” His fingers are tickling her and groping her, and let me tell you... Testing out his advice is enjoyable. Watching her react, the two of us touching her... yeah.

But the brief encounter comes to an end, and I’m sitting on the floor, catching my breath. MentalConfetti makes a rather crude remark about the state of my panties, which I refute eloquently by flailing my arms and squeaking in a falsetto.

She says, “Aww... Are you going to leak all over the floor?”

My breath catches in my throat for a moment before I laugh it off.

...Well fuck. I was JUST calming down.

It’s now that a woman called BrattyButterfly comes over. Flustered, I wave to her from the ground.

“I’m sorry,” she says, “but I need to ask if I can enlist AmHypnotic for something.” She describes some predicament with the space, and he agrees to go help her, leaving through the back door in the “bar”. MentalConfetti and I are left to our own devices.

Immediately, she says to me, “So we have to get AmHypnotic in jail.” My face lights up with joy. I nod – I was thinking just that.

“Maybe for breaking and entering?” she ponders.

“He is going in the wrong entrance!” I agree.

“We have to find the sheriff.”

We locate the man with the sheriff’s badge and promptly inform him of AmHypnotic’s transgression.

Well... MentalConfetti may have elaborated a bit. Something about a conspiracy. Burglary. Just some small offenses.

The sheriff agrees that AmHypnotic should be put on trial, and makes a note in his book. BrattyButterfly wanders over to us again.

“Hey,” she says, “You guys should totally get AmHypnotic arrested.” MentalConfetti and I giggle madly, and I spot AmHypnotic walking over to us.

“Oh god,” I manage between laughs.

“Excuse me,” says the sheriff to AmHypnotic, and I’m biting my lip to try to keep the hilarity down as he is informed of his crimes and escorted to “jail”.


“Jail”, as I mentioned before, was a portion of a room blockaded by a couple tables, and attended to by one “guard” and the bail bondswoman. There were already two women and one man behind those tables, and they appeared to be having a raucous dance party when we arrived.

Much hilarity was had over the course of the forty-five minutes or so AmHypnotic was in there before MentalConfetti bailed him out, including the vibrating glove making a “contraband” appearance, and the general boisterousness of the ne'er-do-wells within.


After he can leave the room, AmHypnotic goes to get water, and then we head to the lounge. He and I sit down on a couch, MentalConfetti in a chair to our right. Before he even touches me, I’m wet, and squirming a bit. He’s got his “dom” face on, and he’s slipped into that voice that makes my clit respond with every syllable. And then he’s teasing, touching along my waist, my breasts, my thighs... which part at his touch, making me blush and try to hide my face. But then his fingers dance higher, and higher, pushing my dress up a bit until they finally brush against my panties, and I moan, flushed.

But he’s being a horrible tease, and as much as I buck my hips into his hand, he holds back, so there’s a soft, steady, tiny amount of pressure that is just driving me mad. He’s making comments to himself, me, the room, about how badly it seems that I want it, egging me on to ask him for what he knows I so desperately want. It’s fucking hot. I worry briefly about how much I am ruining my brand-new panties. I whimper, and give him a pitiful look.

“Yes?” he asks, pressing gently against my clit, and I gasp, and moan, and whine at him. He raises an eyebrow, making a slow circle with his fingers that drives me absolutely crazy.

“Please,” I say quietly.

He gives me a look, and makes to speak.

“Please, sir,” I amend quickly, breathlessly, and he grins, and presses against my clit with just the right amount of pressure, stroking perfectly, and I throw my head back and arch into his touch and heat flares inside of me.

“Good girl,” he says, and everything gets that much hotter.

It’s simply not fair. No one can do this to me. No one knows how to get me this hot with physical touches, how the fuck is he even...? And those vague thoughts only serve to arouse me further as I feel my hips grind against his hand for more, seeking more pleasure from his fingers.

It’s now that he chooses to grab my left thigh, the one closest to him, and pull it over his lap, opening my legs further, and holding me there. Holding my legs open, so he can touch better, so my thigh is on his lap, and I can feel the outline of his cock against it and that’s hot too... My mind reels; I never like that sort of thing... I try to squirm, testing to see if I can close my legs a little and he holds me down and I moan out.



Right, I didn’t finish writing that scene for reasons of... reasons... But needless to say it culminated in probably more than one orgasm, commanded by AmHypnotic.

After that, we all grabbed water, a bit more food, and then took a break before the “trial” of the night, a part of the event. AmHypnotic ended up being convicted on a few separate counts and, to my amusement, had the punishment of being hogtied by DaSade for five minutes and attempting to escape. He ended up being uncomfortable with a tingly hand and asked to be cut out. Ah well; being hogtied in rope isn’t for everyone :P

After that was some mingling and more break time before we headed to the back “bar” area, a place familiar to me from our last visit, for some real fun involving the three of us.

A lot happened in that bar, at those tables, in those spinny chairs... I got to be man- and womanhandled by AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti (the latter wielding a swatch of rope that she used as an impromptu impact toy). It is always lovely to end a scene with a hypnotically triggered orgasm. But it is even better to not end the scene.


I’m squirming in the chair, flushing at the feeling of his nails lightly running along my thigh or my arm. And somehow, through all the teasing, he leans back in his chair and motions for me to come over.

I’m utterly bright red; I know what he’s implying that I do. Yes, OK, the thought has crossed my mind before... AmHypnotic had known and we had played with it, online, as a fantasy, but... this. This is so real. This is just...

But then I am moving, shakily climbing out of my chair and onto his lap, and there are just layers of fabric between his cock and my cunt.

I think I involuntarily grind my hips against him a little and whimper, as much as I am trying to contain myself.

Oh my god...

After only a few moments or minutes of grinding there, feeling his hands roaming my body, looking into his eyes, I am begging to orgasm far faster than I would have liked to.

And I am brought to climax far too easily. Even the second time, right after the first, at his prompting:

“Wondering maybe how you can get so hot, so close, so fast... Closer and closer, more and more, getting so very hot and feeling so good...”

I’m reaching that fever pitch too fast, too intensely, and cumming on top of him as I dig my nails into his shoulders.


After I’d caught my breath from that, more hypnotic fun was had, this time finally involving MentalConfetti. First, I was asked to sit on her lap, and AmHypnotic brought us both into trance, utilizing the rhythm of our breathing, and feeling the other's slow down and match our own. That was amazing. I cannot say enough good things about that particular experience.

Next came the suggestion of... Well. Anything that was done to her body, I would feel on mine, and vice versa, until we walked out of the building. Needless to say, that was pretty damn entertaining. MentalConfetti finally figured out how it was possible to lick one’s own elbow, and there is something to be said for getting to watch a girl play with her breasts... and feeling it be done to you, as well.

Of course this created all sorts of fun little things we could do to “get back” at each other without being in close proximity. Nipple-pinching, fingernails raking, all sorts of things. And yes, it worked when AmHypnotic was the one touching us as well.

I gotta say, it’s always fun to see what sorts of things creative people will come up with in those sorts of situations.


But soon the night draws to an end and the clock strikes... well, maybe 1:30 am. At this point, MentalConfetti and I know we have to go put enough clothes back on to be able to walk out in public.

As we’re walking back to the changing area, about to gather our stuff and leave, I’m half-dancing along to the music with every step. I hear a giggle behind me.

“What are you laughing at?” I ask, mock offended.

“There’s a butt wiggling down the hall in front of me!” she replies gleefully, between snickers.

I glance back at her, shooting her a quick, dirty look which is utterly ruined by my grin. I look back ahead, and then, without breaking pace, reach back and slap my own ass, hard. I hear a small gasp from behind me.

“You bitch!” she says, but I can hear her smile.


  1. It's hard to describe the feeling I had while I read this... excited, aroused, thrilled, enthusiastic. It definitely was a great start into a not really encouraging Tuesday! Thanks

    1. Glad you enjoyed, and glad it could brighten your day :)

  2. Well, now I think I have to go to the power exchange in San Fran. I've been wanting to for a while, but never actually been. I think it's time.


    1. You definitely do. There's nothing like the RL community and play!