Monday, November 26, 2012

Usually... (Short)

I'm making tons of progress on longer posts, but I had had had to post this.

Usually, my orgasms don’t last that long, even when hypnotically triggered or enhanced. Longer than normal, certainly, but not as long as I’ve seen other girls go for. It’s almost always a peak-and-done affair.


AmHypnotic started teasing me quite seriously after I had gotten home from visiting family for an extended break that involved zero orgasms. Quite a bit longer than I’m used to, actually. My brain was rather forthcoming with that information when I was told to tell him something he needed to know.

Well, maybe that’s an understatement. My brain also decided that it was necessary to relay said information using LOTS OF CAPS.

And before I knew it, we were chatting on headsets – or more accurately, he was talking me into a fantasy of being with him, grinding on his lap, hips unable to stop moving. Or, completely unable to move as he teased me. Trying desperately to contain my noises.

After what felt like a very long time, somewhere, in my muddled, thoughtless mind, I realized dimly that I was doubled over, that everything was just reaching that point where I needed release.

Please,” I said, “please please please please...”

“Please what?” he asked, voice low and demanding.

“I need to cum!” I whimpered out, blunt and true and automatic. I was still grinding against him, unable to make it stop. Everything was so hot, so intense, feeling him under me as he forced that pleasure.

“Good girl. Are you ready to obey?”

“Yes sir...” Please...

“Very good. Then... orgasm now.”

And it all reached that peak, clenching so perfectly and hot and tight and his voice guiding me and... it should be stopping but it just isn’t. Aware that I was shaking with it, trying so hard to keep my throat from letting out too much sound. Over and over and over again and he was just making it last longer. I just kept fucking cumming.

It felt impossible.

It felt impossibly good.

But finally, after far too long, he talked me down from it, and I melted back into trance, feeling the aftershocks still.

“Tell me something I need to know, my dear.”

“That felt so good...” I whispered, hearing faintly the hint of incredulity in my voice.

“Good girl,” he said, and it sent shivers through me. “Now, start playing with yourself with your right hand.”

...But I... just...

My still-fuzzy mind reeled. My pussy clenched, hard.

He can’t... After that...

But I was obeying before I even realized it, my hand moving unbidden, and that realization cut right through to my core and made me moan out. My hand started to rub my clit gently, and it felt like the heat, deep inside of me, was rekindling even deeper.

He’s making me...

I couldn’t stop, and so exhausted from coming like I had a minute ago, I had to relax into it rather than struggle, and I let out a whimper, defeated. He told me to lay back and just enjoy, and so that is what I did.

That second orgasm hurt. In a really good way. And I think it lasted at least as long as the first.

Just. Asdlfksjlglks.

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