Thursday, January 31, 2013

Boston Invasion, Or, the Six-and-a-Half-Page-Scene

Getting blog posts out without obsessing over them too much is always a goal. So when I started writing this night down and was 3 pages but less than halfway through the first scene, I decided we'd focus on that. Also, the NEXT Boston Invasion event is coming up, and I figured I should get the one from FOUR MONTHS AGO out of the way before going. :)

10/6/12. Just a week after our incredible, extended shenanigans from Photo Night (and the sleepover with AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti the night before) was an event at Our Local Dungeon(TM) called “Boston Invasion”, where kinksters from the scene came down in droves (read: tens) for a night of play and activities. I knew it was going to be well-attended, and DaSade (a member on the board, who I'd played with before) had asked me, a while beforehand, if I wanted to help provide entertainment for the night.

Namely, he was looking for someone to be a “victim” in a predicament bondage scene that was to be a “dinner show” of sorts for the guests.

When I got the invitation from him, I think I had to bite my lip around a squee. A predicament bondage show? My kinky, exhibitionist self was overjoyed at the idea. I accepted readily, and so, we began to make plans.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cookie Break

I wanted a story. It didn't exist yet, so I wrote it. :) I was very much in the mood for a little bit of porny and a little bit of happy, so that's what this is. It's a little bit longer than the original pieces I've written before, coming in at ~1800 words, and as such, it's slightly less straight-up-porn. I hope you enjoy it.

(MF, MD, hypnosis)


The night was a blur up to that point, quite literally – something told her that her head had been so thoroughly messed with that nothing, save perhaps a few words from him, would clear the fog.