Monday, March 11, 2013

NEEHU 4: A Retrospective Prologue

Two years ago, after some years of on-and-off lurking erotic hypnosis groups and mind control porn sites, I stumbled upon the existence of something called “NEEHU”, where pervy people – just like me – got together for a weekend of trancey fun. I was familiar with the “big names”; all of the well-known internet handles I knew would go and congregate for this one event.

I said to myself, after reading various accounts and downloading some new hypnotic mp3, “Hey, maybe someday you'll go and have a grand old time. Maybe someday you'll meet all these people; maybe someday you'll be able to talk about this weird interest of yours.” It was a fantasy back then – and indeed I treated it as such, writing small, personal stories about what visiting an erotic hypnosis convention/conference would be like, thinking about how much fun that would be. Some small part of me knew I'd never actually go. How could I? I was going to take this secret to my grave. And then I went back to MCStories to schlick to my heart's content.

But here's the thing:

NEEHU 4 is in just a few days.

I am on the attendee list.

I am going to be volunteering to help with the con.

I will be speaking at a panel.

...I think back on these last two years fondly; I think of how far I've come in such a short amount of time; how many people I've had the good fortune to meet and play with; how much I've been able to accomplish, as a subject and a 'tist, in Real Life. It's humbling beyond belief.

And I think back on that young, terrified girl, not able to even say the word “hypnosis” without stuttering and blushing, and I just smile, and think of how lucky I am.

NEEHU 4 is in a few days. NEEHU 4 is held at the dungeon I've been frequenting for the last half of a year. NEEHU 4 is being set up by someone I've met and scened with. NEEHU 4 is going to be attended by many people I've met, online and offline.

I am truly blessed.

I am beyond ecstatic.

Expect updates.

- sg

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  1. Every everyone!

    hoping you are having a great weekend