Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Distance Makes...

I am 100% aware that I should have been writing other things. But over the last few days this just quickly forced its way out of my brain and onto paper, more for me than anything else. But hey, I'm not one to argue when the MC-bug strikes. Porny-but-not-really-porny-fiction without any real purpose, woo!

(mc, mf, md)


Liz figured it would be relaxing to get the house to herself for a few days. No responsibilities, no housemates except for her beta fish; just her, space, and all the free time in the world.

By the end of the second day, she knew it wasn't doing wonders for her sanity. Gerald (the fish) had heard precisely enough of how lonely she was and how the microwave wasn't behaving and how kids on Xbox Live were douchebags.

And Jack had been working way too much, due to pop in on her sometime after dinner that night for the first time in almost a week.

To say Liz was antsy was possibly an understatement. She missed people. She missed him. She missed what they did together. An empty house only screamed at her what was absent. And to be quite frank, masturbation got boring after the first few times.

Dinner was supposed to be mashed potatoes and green beans and turkey sausage; it proved much easier to throw everything in a frying pan and add cheese and butter. Her place she'd set at the table was moved to the coffeetable in front of the TV, and Liz resigned herself to Seinfeld reruns and potato-sausage-cheese-mush. And a bowl of chips for good measure.

Halfway through, her phone came to life in all its 8-bit glory, and she was quick to abandon her dinner on the coffeetable for it.

A text, from Jack.

Jack: “Where are you”

As she was typing her response, another message popped onto the screen:

Jack: “and are you alone”

Liz: “still home :p everyone is still gone. Gerald says hi”

After a moment or two of staring at the conversation, she put the phone down so she would stop fiddling with it. Potato chips were a better distraction. The buzz and ring against the table almost made her jump as she scrambled to wipe the crumbs off her hands before she picked up.

Phonecall from: Jack

Calm down, Liz.

She lifted the phone to her ear.


“Liz.” And that friendly, single syllable reminded her of just how long it had been since they'd talked. She forgot to breathe for a moment while she quelled the impulse to blurt out how much she'd missed his voice.

“Hi Jack. How are you?”

“I'm good. I was more wondering how you're doing.”

“Alright,” she replied, “maybe going a little stir-crazy. Are you still coming over tonight? I miss you.”

Thankfully, he laughed. Liz thought he sounded a bit caught off guard.

“I miss you too,” he said, “and yes, I'm coming over tonight. Probably 9 or 10ish, which is a bit late, but I'm stuck here waiting for Joey to get me a copy of the next draft, who had gotten it late from Karen, who had to stay home yesterday to take care of her son...” Liz could picture the way he gestured his hands and shook his head when work was like this. And there was the telltale sigh. “Being an adult is hard.”

“Yep,” she said, wanting bizarrely to curl her fingers around a nonexistent phone cord. “They didn't tell us this happened when we grew up. I kind of wish they'd warned us.”

“I don't,” he mused. “I would've been too scared to grow up.”

“Maybe. I don't think it's all bad, though.”

“I think you're right.”

There was a pregnant silence for a moment while she chewed on the inside of her lip.

“I miss you,” she finally offered.

“You said that already.” There was the hint of a smile in his words, but it almost put her more on edge.

“I know,” Liz said quietly, and squeezed her eyes shut when the statement was choked off, just slightly.

“Liz,” he said again. This time, though, his voice was softer to match hers, but dangerous in its volume. Ending on just the hint of a growl. Everything welled up inside of her from right between her legs with that and she balled her fists up and struggled to breathe.

“Yes,” she whispered, and she didn't care that Jack could hear her rising desperation. Sometimes it was just so much sweeter to seal her own fate. It sounded like he was leaning into the phone...

“I miss you too...”

She felt overcome that such simple words would make her this hot, make her moan softly into the speaker. Like her libido was becoming too much for her to control, and now it was his to play with whether she wanted him to or not, whether he wanted to or not. It was just his.

And just miracle of miracles, she heard his belt being undone, button popping open, zipper down...

“Tell me how bad,” he said, still steady. “Tell me how much you've been craving.”

She was squeezing her thighs together on the couch and soaking through her fucking panties.

“God– I...” Liz lost her words for a moment and closed her mouth around one of those sobbing moans. “So much. So much. Please. Please, Jack...”

Humming appreciation through that grin, the one that scared her just as much as it excited her.

“I want to take your mind away, Liz,” he said softly, with urgency. “I will give it back to you, but first I'm going to take it for me.”

It gripped at her like a physical force in her chest, taking the breath from her lungs and rendering her shockingly aroused.

“Yes,” she mewled, “Please. I can't– I need it, Jack, you don't understand–”

“There, there, little one...” Those gentle, almost patronizing tones, but just so smooth that Liz couldn't ignore it... “You won't have to think anymore for a while, I'll empty your little head right out, just for you...”

She gripped at the fabric of a pillow beside her, legs pressed together so tight it almost hurt. Their banter was sending her into a fervor. This was their dirty secret, this was how they indulged at odd hours of the night.

“Please...” Just breathing into the phone, now, “just do whatever you want with me...”

Jack knew how to talk to her, how to calm her down when she was skittish and frustrated like this. Truth be told, he would work her up for it sometimes just to hear the edge to her voice, the way she tried to steady her breaths. He could picture her face even now, lips tucked in at one side, eyes wide and bright and flitting around the room. Sometimes this was what he played for; hearing his prey when finally cornered.

His satisfied, rough exhale drove her mad.

Enough of this.” She bristled and shuddered at his tone. “Liz. I want you to listen very carefully. We are going to get you nice and ready for me when I get there tonight, OK?”

She didn't even have enough agency to respond with words; a whimper was all she had –

“I know you want this,” he continued without pause, “I know you're wet. We can make this so easy for us–”

The next inhale was so heavy and thick with lust that she needed all of her focus just to keep breathing...

“I can see you right now in my head,” he said, something akin to reverence in his words, if possessive: “I love the way your face just glazes over when you feel it starting, just like that...”

Of course it was; of course it was...

The relief was like nothing else. Feeling trance creep up on her like this, feeling her grip on her mind loosen...

There's my drifty, dreamy girl; she's listening now, isn't she...”

“Uh huhh,” her lips slurred out.

“So cute with your head nodding down, too... Still listening, still hot for it, but just going where we both want you to go...”

Liz found herself swaying gently in her seat, as though his hands were rocking her, even with the phone pressed against the side of her head... Calmed from within, soothed and sleepy and savoring just how slow and uneven her own blinks were. She had missed this, she had needed this.

“And good girls let their eyes close, don't they... And when her eyes close, her mind opens, just for me...”


  1. That is lovely, and very hot, too! You are amazing sg!

    1. :D Glad you liked it! Thanks kitten :3