Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Power (scene log feat. cckitten)

(This one... Is a true story. What did YOU do last night?)


Words have power. The simplest phrases can turn the tone of an experience in a moment.

As she is touching my breasts, caressing me as we lay in bed together, I find a very clear desire in my head, sharp and cutting through the late-night haze.

And in that moment, I am overcome with the sense of power to take what I want.

"I want you to be *obsessed* with my pleasure."

She is not expecting it; I feel her body twist and convulse against me and the thrill of it hummed in my belly like a drug. I can't stop. I don't want to. Ever.

"My pleasure is the single important thing to you right now. Giving me pleasure is so deeply ingrained as a part of you. Feeling my responses and reactions is what you were *made* for."

Her touch is becoming more and more desperate. I'm getting off on how much I can twist her will. So is she.

"Everything about this experience of giving me pleasure fulfills and satisfies the deepest parts of you. You were made to please me. You were always meant to please me."

She is shaking, a little. Her fingers are becoming more enthusiastic. She's struggling to keep it feeling good for me with so much intensity in her own mind. I know all of this without words.

"The best part is that this is a learning process, learning how to better bring me pleasure. A learning process with moments of extreme intensity, and moments of a more quiet, slow burn... That ebb and flow is just so perfect and embeds itself inside of you so you can better focus on pleasing me..."

This forces her to stay in the experience even when I stop talking to enjoy the pleasure she is bringing me.

...I am fucking close. I can't stop strings of words from coming out to bend her further.

But I know tonight I won't get there without her mouth.

I grab her head and shove her whole body down the bed and between my thighs. She is breathing heavy on my cunt, so excited.

Her tongue is so very sweet...

I'm going to cum from my favorite toy tonight

My favorite toy that wants nothing more than to give me pleasure

...That I will make to later BE NOTHING but giving me pleasure

"My orgasm is what you live for right now," I tell her, and that's it, she's slowing to my favorite tease with her tongue, "Because my orgasm is the most perfect way of giving me pleasure and that is the most important thing for you... And when it comes you will feel it in your whole being..."

I need to stop talking to cum... Starting to lose focus myself... Scratching her neck. Face. Head. Want to hurt her. Want to keep her as engaged as her brain can handle.

"You are keeping yourself in trance for me with your own tongue... Focusing on that rhythm... on the feeling that gives me... until you bring me to that point..."

So, so fucking good.

And eventually, she got her reward. The most important thing in her world for that moment.

My control, my pleasure, my training, my orgasm.


cc will have instructions to read this, and potentially other things I give her periodically to remind her of her place. She *will* be trained into my personal pleasure toy. And training never ends...

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